Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jump: How to Live When You’re Caught Between What Is & What You Dream to Be

There is a line so fine between the belief in what you secretly hope for and resigning to what is that is nearly undetectable.

Most of us brush past it in our thoughts because if we stopped to give it credence it might rile up life as we know it. 

Dreams can feel easier with a “someday” vocabulary.  It still speaks of possibility without requiring anything of us now.  We don’t have to do the work.  We don’t have to feel the feelings.  We don’t have to risk. 

And yet, if most of us are honest, some of our biggest heart issues find home in that tiny space.

I can dwell in this shell of my body or I can labor my way to the healthier version of me.

I can resist failure with my ambition or I can throw it all out there knowing there is possibility for success.

I can keep going through the motions or I can awaken what makes me tick.

Significant meaning is brushed aside or wrestled with depending on how gutsy we are on a given day.

I was walking the treadmill when news stations aired George H. W. Bush’s triumphant jump this morning.  A 90th birthday wish to parachute from the skies.

It was a dream that from the outside appeared a bit absurd to me.  Why jump out of a plane at 90?  Why jump out of a plane at all?  His legs do not have full function.  He was recently in the hospital for lung issues.  He has a form of Parkinson’s Disease. 

All odds appeared stacked against him and, yet, that’s the thing about odds.  You don’t know where you will land until you take the jump.

Risk taking isn’t attractive on the outset.  It’s why we often resign to what is rather than plunging into what could be.  But when the “somedays” run out we discover a life lived in safety is hollow and dreams never chanced ultimately show distrust in the Giver of it all.

Because all passions, however small or large they may seem, ultimately come from a God who created us with gifts that motivate and energize, that give the world brighter color and life grander perspective.  This God offers us more than the rising of the sun and coffee to face the day (although that is a wonderful bonus not to be underestimated).  Yes this God offers constant encouragement saying, “This is the way, walk in it” (Isaiah 30:21)

Will you trust Him? 

Will you jump?

Life isn’t about getting through the time we have but making a difference with each moment we get. 

“Somedays” create boring days but “I’ll give it a go” embarks on a Spirit-filled adventure of possibility, opening your eyes to new potential and achievement that will make life richer for you and all God’s people watching and benefitting from your living the life and doing the things God sparks in you to do.

Perhaps my favorite part of George H. W. Bush’s whole jump was not the leap itself but the landing.  From the standpoint of human expectation, it wasn’t perfect.  There was a stumble, but he was safe in the care of his tandem jumper.

So too when we take our leap of faith to live our life with passion there may be some wobbles and falls along the way.  The called road isn’t the easy road.  But, lucky for us, God is in tandem, protecting and cheering us on, until we land in the place He calls us to be.  The place we finally experience self-realization and triumph.

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