Friday, June 6, 2014

I've Officially Become My Mom

Yesterday the tornado sirens blew in these parts.

Since we didn't have the TV on I wasn't sure if it was a legit warning or if they were doing some kind of test so being a true media enthusiast of 2014 I went straight to Twitter.

Confirmation + striking images of damaging hail and funnel clouds, including one reported by a local meteorologist approximately a half mile from my house led me to get our sleep-resistant toddler from her room and take the panicking older two downstairs.

"What are we going to do?" Hannah cried.

"We're just going to hang downstairs & if a tornado actually comes we'll sit in the tub."

I almost rolled my own eyes as I said it, although somehow experiencing this from a mother vantage point was significantly less cool than impending storms are through the eyes of youth.

When I was as super cool, college planning, practically ready to take the world on on my own high school senior, my mom said those same words. 

Naturally it was a weekend, and I had plans.  My friend Adam had already made his way to my home and our next stop was to get my boyfriend, now hubby, Charlie.  But, before we got out my door the weather man got all kinds of excited, the alarms sounded, and my mom was not about to let us out the door.

Oh, no, not only were we not going out the door.  We were going to the inmost room with no windows - the bathroom - and sitting with pillows over our heads in the tub. 

In the mean time, my dad, who was an insurance adjuster, was out "assessing the damage" real time.  My mom wasn't impressed, to say the least, so she was yelling at the top of her lungs reminding him of his job to be a leader.

Adam was a long time best friend so there was no embarrassment to be had, but it was certainly NOT a memory I ever envisioned making together.

But we did.  And neither Charlie, myself, or Adam have ever forgotten the night weather left 2/3 of us packed like sardines in a tiny tub with a fluffy linen over our head.  It's a memory that will forever make us laugh.

Still, here I here I was.  Much older and certainly more mature than that high school senior thought she was.  Even more, the mother of three girls I want to keep safe with everything in me.  The possibility of tornadic danger held no hint of humor.

Suddenly my mom looked a whole lot smarter.

We'd just gotten puzzles out when the meteorologist announced that they were going off the air to take cover.  I knew then and there that if the very type of weather that seems to get them a kid at Christmas type of excited to report was being called, we needed to take cover.

In the bathroom.

(Doesn't Ava look thrilled?!)

I had the girls grab some puzzles and in we went.  We sat there while hail pummeled the roof and the sounds of swirling wind around the house drove me to silent prayer that all would be well.  Whoever invented all the functionality of the iPad became my new best friend because watching a movie brought instant calm to the girls in their most fearful moment while I continued to check Twitter for continual updates from the TV/radio free bathroom.  Technology is a beautiful thing.

Then my phone rang.  Charlie called a few times throughout the storm. In fact, the iPad suggestion was his (nice one, babe). But this time he told me of people stepping outside a moment to "check it out."

And out from my mouth came, "As the boss you need to set a safe standard.  Get everyone in the bathroom or break room."

Two for two. 

I've officially become my mom.

I'm grateful that we escaped the storm with only dings to an insured car and an emotional, nap-less toddler.

And I'm also grateful for a very wise mother.  If I'm going to turn into someone, she's a pretty great someone to be. :)

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