Friday, May 2, 2014

The Necklace & the Touching Tale of an All Pro Dad, Take Two

“Am I going to get a special necklace like Grace’s?” Hannah asks me while her dad is away at work.  The sparkle in her eye illuminates the hope welling within.

That’s the thing about child number two and every one following.  Milestones are understood and they have a pretty accurate idea of what to expect when.  Surprises are much harder to come by.

The thing my sweet kindergartener can’t fully understand is how her All Pro Dad’s love for her has him thinking about her alone.   


“My favorite part of All Pro Dad is at the beginning when they have a discussion question on the white board and we get to talk about it special.”

It's a disclosure that undoes my man because not only does it mean quality discussions topped All Pro Dad videos in a techno savvy kids world, but their shared words meant more than their shared donuts, and that bakery goodness is a love language in Hannah’s world.

“I had no idea,” he tells me behind closed doors. 

And out of her love put into words is born a custom KraftyKash necklace to wear.  

“The necklace represents how our discussions, rooted in faith in love (cross charm and heart charm), take flight (butterfly pendant).  And the beads will be for her school colors.”

Somebody pinch me.  Gosh I love this man.


As God would have it she’s learning about the butterfly lifecycle at school.  Having no idea that was the case when we placed the order, I make every effort to keep my jaw from hitting the floor.

“Did you know the worms eat as much as they can and then they turn into a chrysalis and then they become a butterfly?”

She’s rambling about a video she watched and teaching me in the process.  Kids are good for reminding you how much you truly don’t know.  But, this quizzical question makes me smile.


Hannah eats up every moment with her dad.  She learns from him, laughs with him, and flies high in his protective arms.

And, when they go to All Pro Dad, she reads the question on the white board and then leans in close to her father for transforming nourishment.  His words become the food that she grows from and lives in.  Charlie’s sharing helps teach, mold, and inspire her to become a more spiritually mature, beautiful girl.  


“The fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can affect climate change on the other side of the plant.”  Paul Erlich

This time together will change their forever.  Eternity is touched in these discussions, and they and the world gain because of it.  Hannah is growing wings and when she flies off into the world on her own one day, she will surely bring goodness and joy with her thanks to her All Pro Dad fueling her with conversation worthy of cocooning herself in and propelling her to a magnificently pleasing life.


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