Monday, May 26, 2014

The Most Important Love Note You’ll Ever Write {Yes, You, Mama!}

Another school year has come and gone.  It’s already been over a week ago that I danced my way through the final day to the Peppermint Twist with all the children during their year-end Candyland themed party, and I’d like to say that I’ve gotten through the forest of papers and special projects that made their way home in the girls’ final days, but I can’t.  It’s an emotional thing for me to look at their artwork and read their final writings and accept that another segment of their time under our roof has drawn to an end even though that Godly senior girl ministered of beautiful moments to come.

I see my kindergartener’s wish never to leave K01 with words of love for her teacher and I cry.  I read my second grader’s retelling of her first time on the Paul Bunyan log ride complete with their faces of fear photo and I laugh.  My heart is full from this paper treasure box.  I can only unpack so much of it at a time.
Amongst my most fun discoveries, though, was...


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