Sunday, May 4, 2014

Calling All Super Readers to a Super Why Birthday

Last to be born. First to celebrate her golden birthday.

Yesterday we celebrated our super Ava turning super three.

I have to tell you, a few months ago I thought we were gearing up for a Caillou birthday party. It distressed me. Why is Caillou ALWAYS in seasonally different clothes than the rest in the frame? Why do they zero in on the postcard from Sarah and say, "First it says....then it says..." and it is a completely blank card? These are things my type A personality simply cannot take.

And then one day she woke up and was all about Super Why.  This is right up there with Jesus raising a man from the dead as far as miracles go. *insert me doing the happy dance here*  Adios Caillou.  We moved on to bigger, better, more educational things. 

In the span of a month and a half she solidified her letter recognition.  She's so much better at what the letters "say," and I'm 100% confident it will benefit her when she begins reading herself in the future.

Thus, when Ava said she wanted a Super Why birthday party, I jumped right on making invites with Picasa.

Isn't she cute in her little Whyatt mask?

For those of you unfamiliar with Super Why, Whyatt is the main character in Storybrook Village.  At the beginning of every episode, a "super big problem" comes through his "super duper computer."  He then calls on the rest of the Super Readers and says, "When we have a question we a book."  Pig, a fellow Super Reader than asks, "Which book should we look in?" and Princess Pea casts a spell on that book, causing it to fall from the bookshelf.  As they go through the story, they find floating Super Letters that Whyatt puts into his computer and using their reading proficiency they use the "Super Story Answer" to change the story problem and save the day.

"Hip hip hooray!" This theme is an author's dream.

Acting for Princess Pea, we called on Ava's favorite book- Llama, Llama, Red Pajama.  In the book mama puts llama to bed, he calls for her, she's busy, and he freaks out.  Is this a scenario any of you parents relate to?

So, I made super story letters and hid them down stairs.  Then we talked about the book and read it until it said, "Llama llama red pajama waiting waiting for his mama."  We zapped the second painful waiting to change the outcome.

Whyatt uses a Why Writer to zap these words so the kids each took home one of their own.

How cool is it that Hobby Lobby had mechanical pencils with books and letters on them?!  Perfect.

My older two girls made a Super Duper Computer and off the kids went to find the letters and create a new out a new outcome to the story.

Llama llama could wait brave for his mama.  Kids, remember this :)

And there is no better symbol for bravery than a cape. 

So, while my hubby finished grilling the meat, the girls decorated these felt no sew capes that I cut in advance. 

Felties made for simple, safe stick on goodness and washable markers gave the final touches.

The birthday girl clearly had fun.

I capitalized on letter food with added side options like

Alphabet cereal bars

Scrabble cheez-its

And a simple alphabet cupcake cake.

Shared with the best family and amazing friends, this party was a super success.

Love you, Ava!

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