Monday, March 24, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Cupcakes

There's nothing I love more than being a wife and mom, and this weekend my girlies and I had the most incredible fun in the kitchen. Their little hands measured, poured, and blended with love for people who love them.

Their teachers.

Or, as one of my girls like to say, her "second mom."

Tonight the city in which we live will be naming the Teacher of the Year. In a powerful display of parental love for the teachers that make up our kids' school, seven of the thirty-two nominees will be from our building. This inspired my PTA staff appreciation co-chair and I to do a little surprise cupcake party for the nominees and all the teachers because collectively they make school a place our kids want to be.

Since my girls are "all in" kind of kids everything is done to the fullest, and these cupcakes were no different. They wanted them to be teacher appropriate and what we came up with was pretty great-

Apple cupcakes :)

{To make them simply dye your frosting red, place 2/3 of a little tootsie roll in the center with 1/3 of an Apple Os candy ring to make the leaf from behind. Finish with a tiny piece of heavy tented paper with a written A+ on it}

Of all the professions out there, I've quickly come to discover that teaching is often the one that lands the most public debate. People chat about whether or not they are financially compensated adequately for their work as though it is our business and argue common core into the ground. What is getting lost in the process are the faces and hearts behind the work and my prayer is that we as parents will change that. Step into the classroom. See how many hours these teachers spend before and after school preparing the academics and responding to emails and creating newsletters and sharing photos through classroom websites. Watch them wipe away tears for a child whose heart is broken. Listen to them creatively build character in tomorrow's leaders. Observe the way they get to know each child so well that they can individually inspire them to be their best and meet new goals. Check out the piles of paper that need to be stapled and laminated things that need to be cut and sorts that need to be labeled and treasures that need to be hung on the wall. And then tell me you aren't blown away by the love and sacrifice these teachers give day in and day out.

"Teaching is the profession that teaches all of the other professions." ~Unknown

Today I encourage you to do something - anything - to high five your child's teacher. Their influence is invaluable and, I believe, the best way we can strengthen education is by being a cheerleader to the people at the center of the process. Pump their spirits up with an email, make the surplus of needs more manageable by helping out in the classroom or through things you can do from home, or maybe simply make a cupcake :) In the end it's about saying, "I see you & I'm so grateful for everything you do."

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