Monday, March 17, 2014

Newfound Fun This St. Patrick's Day

We've never been huge St. Patrick's Day celebrators in our house but this year we're changing that.  Our kids are at such fun stages and they really know how to bring out the fun in life.  Being a mommy is the best!

Last night we kicked off prep for the day with nails.

I'm so grateful for nail pens. :)  I nailed that shamrock like a boss.  Aren't I punny.

Then my man and I had a date night in the kitchen.  We made these super amazing, all things incredible chocolate mint brownies.

If you plan to make only one thing festive today, I encourage you to make it these.  They are so good!  This morning we delivered them to school office staff and the girls' teachers with a note on the napkin that we are lucky to be blessed by them.  On a much less impressive note, I had them with coffee for breakfast.  Holidays call for dessert first, right?!

It appears a leprechaun invaded our house last night and made a Lucky Charms mess on the piano. 

The girls were so excited they printed off pictures to show to their class :)

I've never had so much fun on a day we usually just wore green to avoid getting pinched.  But, our little blessings remind us how lucky and blessed we really are...AND how to maximize joy in the everyday.  And isn't that what makes this messy side of Glory great?!

Life is filled with blessing and buoyed by the gift of Christ who sees us through it all.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY, friends!  Open your eyes to your blessings.  Share your joy with others.  Smile.  We are a lucky people.

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