Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Football Fan Style

Life has come full circle, friends!

Football is like a love language in our house and it's super convenient that most NFL games fall on the "day of rest."  We get done with worship, fill our bellies, and make ourselves useless in front of the TV.  It's perfection, really.

Because we are Vikings fans we are at the height of our season, also known as the off season.  Our depressing weekly pummeling has come to an end and "maybe next year" hope has settled in.  It's our time of annual optimism. Maybe some year it will carry into the actual season :)  A girl can dream, right?

In the meantime, well put together teams are vying for the gold dude-worthy Super Bowl ring.  And, oh how this year has brought me smiles.

While my dad instilled a love for this game, we were Sunday team rivals.  He was a very fun guy who liked to rub in my misery with spazzy victory dances and terrible singing.  Only I couldn't focus on either well because he was always in his ridiculous, loud, ugly Niners zubaz that were a real source of trauma in my teenage world where "cool" was paramount. {Insert my countless eye rolls here}

But, as of late, his team is on a roll.  So when the mysterious box arrived from my brother before the Super Bowl last year with a text saying, "Open it," you better believe the silly became sacred when I pulled out a pair of my own hideous 49ers zubaz.  I watched the game "Bob style" and retired them...until now.  They're contenders again, and the San Fran zubaz were crying to come out.

Only this time when I emerged from my room my eight year old, with a new fashion sense of her own, gave me the look of sheer horror.  "WHAT are you wearing?," she gasped.  I doubled over in laughter.  It was the same picture of mortification that was once mine.

I tried.  I really did.  I paired them with a lightly beaded black Ann Taylor Loft shirt and handmade trendy red cowl, but really these things are beyond fashion redemption.  Ob.Nox.Ious.

Apparently I've hit the age where the "Not cool? Don't care" club becomes real.  And I think I can hear my dad laughing about it heavenside.

Sorry, Grace, these bad boys are coming out again next Sunday.  GO NINERS!

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