Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Grown Up Christmas Wish

I sip my coffee to the sound of Christmas promises.  The music fills me ears and the lights on our rotating Christmas tree catch my eye and steal my writer thoughts.  {I suppose the benefit to allergies is the ability to get a fake tree that moves J  It’s a hit with the kids}

Underneath our unique green sit two gifts.  Each one has been made by the girls at school.  Soon more packages will be removed from their hiding spaces and placed under the tree in pretty paper and bows.  But, the truth is, my heart this morning is for the people seeing these lights dimmed.  Life doesn’t always feel like the nice, neat wrapped up presentation of the season.

For many this is a time where pain and hope co-exist with dream of a better tomorrow.

And my husband asks me what I want and I gaze at the luminesce, digging deep for an answer that respects his desire to bring me smiles with the earthly while balancing swelling hope for the holy.


I wish peace to take root in the heart of all weeping because life has necessitated a new normal.

I wish appreciation for marriage and the choice to love everyday in a culture bent by fleeting notions of romantic love.

I wish respect for all life.

I wish security in the lives of children and that they wouldn’t be defiled of their youthful innocence due to situations outside their control.

I wish confidence for teenagers- that they would remember their value comes from their Maker not a number on the scale, who their friends are, or if they have a significant other.

I wish known gratefulness to families separated by service to our country. 

I wish safety in homes, on campuses, and on battlefields spanning the globe. 

I wish focus on what we have and not what we think we are lacking. 

I wish for authenticity in a society of mask-wearing individuals.

I wish that we would all challenge ourselves to be a gift to others so that we can unknowingly stand in the gaps and be a living gospel to a world desperately in need.

I wish to make more room for Christ in our lives so that in the times of greatest trial confidence prevails.

I wish not to chase the stuff of this life but the One who makes it.

What I want cannot be tied up under my circling tree.  It can only be prayed over in the heart and challenged in how I live.  But, perhaps that is what makes Christmas so magical.  Maybe the real smiles come not through the pretty put together pictures of the season but the brokenness that colors this side of Glory it mends. 

“She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means ‘God is with us.’”  Matthew 1:23

The Almighty leaves His throne to join our messy lives in a messy stable and, in doing so, claims oneness with our humanity.  Because of this chosen beginning, we lean in through every emotion and situation life presents, confident that we will not only be held up, but that He will make us strong and empower us to be the instrument of change to make these Kingdom transforming wishes come true.
Sweet manger child, thank you. 

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