Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life on Our Knees {A Christmas Devotional}

 image credit Tracie Stier Johnson
“My soul is quiet and waits for God alone.  My hope comes from him.”
Psalm 62:5 NLV

I was at dance practice with my daughter, preparing for the mother/daughter dance we’re a part of for the Christmas show.  Like much of my life I was so focused on getting my steps done perfectly in time that I failed to note all that was happening around me.

In the corner of my eye I caught glimpse of my friend, also dancing with her daughters, bowed before the manger.  My heart hiccupped and tears filled my eyes with choreography that magnified a posture I want to live.

A life lived well is spent on our knees.

The world claims....

To finish reading this devotional please visit MODSquad where you will also be blessed by many more devotionals to get your heart in the true spirit of Christmas.

For more on how God used this dance uniquely in our mother daughter relationship, please read the story.

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