Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Holiday Gift Guide to Remind Your Teen Girl Whose She Is: 10 Gifts with Eternal Intention

We are entering the Christmas season and teens can be some of the hardest to buy for.  Since my work puts me in constant contact with them, I thought it would be fun to create a holiday gift guide for this special group of young people to help those of you with girls that find yourself stumped.

May this be your inspiration AND help you keep relationship with Christ at the center.

How awesome would this Red Letter Words message be for your girl to see every day?  I love the look but even more I love the reminder that God created us each with a unique purpose to carry out.  Take a look at all the print options to decorate your girl's bedroom or bathroom with life-giving words.

What girl doesn't love ruffles?!  My friend Maggie makes the sweetest handmade bags, wristlets, wallets, headbands, etc. each with her signature ruffle.  But, what I love most about her products is the story behind it.  It wasn't that long ago that learning to sew and starting a handmade business was merely a dream.  God has grown it into a beautiful success story that will keep your girl fashionable and inspired.

If your girl likes to work out how about this great tank that marries cute with Scripture?  Cross Training Couture is where it's at.
And as long as you're at it, why don't you reinforce the value of your girl's body and God's design for healthy relationships with my book.  When she knows whose she is and why He created the boundaries He did for future relationships she is more likely to honor Him and experience His best.  True stories and questions from her peers will keep it current and cool and reinforce the purity messages you are sharing at home.

There are very few magazines anymore that you can order subscriptions to and wonder if the message it sends will support your values but Sisterhood magazine will.  It's filled with current issues, a cool look, and an online sisterhood support to help your girl keep a Godly focus in a culture with sliding values.  AND, MODSquad is giving away three subscriptions right now so hop on over there ASAP and enter your comment to win one of the best gifts you could give.

I can't wait until my girls' fingers are mature enough to have a ring that won't need constant resizing because this crown ring is a great way to remind girls that they are a daughter of the King.

The writer girl will love this Carey Scott "Because of Jesus" journal. With a cover that highlights the many names of who she is thanks to Jesus being in her life it is sure to help encourage and refocus her writing session. 
Everyone loves music and Britt Nicole has a great beat and lyrics every girl should get the privilege of hearing.  Her CD "Gold" is worth every penny for the song for the song Gold alone.  If you haven't heard it, treat yourself now. 
Do polka dots equal cuteness or what?!?!  This GoYePreach iPhone cover is rubber so it won't crack like a hard case, plus it's affordable, stylish, and a constant reminder that she is covered in His love.

Last but not least is one of my favorite gifts to give females of all ages.  KraftyKash custom bible verse necklaces allow you to put your teen's life verse (or just a verse they can be encouraged by) into wearable form.  And, since each one is hand clipped there are no two that look exactly alike, making it totally unique just like your girl.  Side Note: I add a pearl bead.
Kashoan has offered all my readers a 15% discount off your ENTIRE KraftyKash order so get one or two or lots. :)   In addition to bible verse necklaces, she has map and dictionary necklaces and fun  leather cuffs.  Check it all out here and simply use the code NOV2013 before midnight on 11-25-13 to get your great gift at a steal of a deal!
**Picture credits belong to the sites from the products I have highlighted.  I do not receive a financial kick back from any of the gift options except obviously purchases of my book :)  I just really liked the things I selected and knew you would too**
Have fun shopping for the girl(s) you love! 

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