Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Perhaps It's the Little Ones who Don't Act Perfect in Church That Have it All Right

She taught me a lesson in church that day in a moment that should’ve embarrassed me.

Like all Sunday mornings my husband and I filed into the church pew with our three little girls in between us. And, like all Sunday mornings, we entered our silent plea that they would be at their best. Every faith-filled parent knows this rub- the desire and importance of worshipping as a family from the get go but the fear that their every whisper sounds like a scream and their every movement tornadic.

We believe in the importance of teaching our kids family worship. And, to expect them to want to enter God’s Holy House when they are older if she shuffle them elsewhere while we go seems unrealistic…so we go with expectant, hopeful hearts that they will gather more understanding of His extravagant love in the upright posture of self control.

We Christians are Sunday morning pretty people, aren’t we?

During a song our two year old whispered that she had to pee. I swear my husband and I did a fist bump in our hearts that she asked so quietly and politely. Since my man was closer to the end of the aisle, he discreetly took her out while the older two girls and I continued on in worship. Loudness transitioned to silence as we prepared for teaching from the pulpit. At that same time, my husband returned with our excited potty training two year old who stopped cold in her tracks right in the church aisle loudly….LOUDLY…pronouncing “Me pee.”

Well, so much for Sunday morning perfection. Myself and everyone around me broke out in laughter. What else can you do? Kids keep us humble and this is real life, people.

As the service continued, I watched her make way to her grandparents next to us and whisper of her success. I watched her sit back down and look up front, well aware that she was taking in some even if not all of what was being preached. And, during the sending song I watched her join her older two sisters in dance, moved by the music. {They all could’ve been named Miriam with the way the love to dance before the Lord.}

I am grateful for the little ones that don’t act “perfect” in church.

You see, in my trying to teach my children lessons they are constantly teaching me too. Ava’s announcement cracked me up but on a deeper level it reminded me that we can come just as we are. I’m convicted that my big girl pants and nice clothes mean nothing if I’m coming so concerned about doing it all right from a societal perspective that my guard prevents the work of the Holy Spirit to move in me. After all, the Lord wants me to celebrate my joys, honestly weep at His feet in times of sorrow, and to dance in celebration with the unique delight He alone brings to life.

If we claim he loves us just as we are why do we put on the work of a show? If we want others to believe in the radiance Jesus brings to each moment of our life why do we present stuffy worship?

These little people learning self control and the love of God in the sanctuary who don’t care about having it all together are actually mirrors to what a real a relationship with God looks like and, oh do I want to reflect that.

Unguarded. Transparent. Open. Free. This is the posture of the heart that brings us into genuine communion with Christ, strengthening our walk and gifting eternal elation to twirl through life in the overflow of His love.

Letting go of our show allows The Lord to show us how to more fully live.

She taught me a lesson in church that day in a moment that should’ve embarrassed me.
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