Thursday, September 5, 2013

I LOVE These Faces {Family Pictures 2013}

Friday night my fam met my awesome photographer friend Michelle for family pictures. Because the heat index was over 100 a physical meltdown seemed likely. I just hoped my little people wouldn't have an emotional one too.

Thank the Lord for answered prayers. Success! And I LOVED what she got.

Ava (2)


Hannah (6 next week)


Grace (8 next week)

In these precious faces we see dreams come true
And we will walk hand in hand through life
FOREVER!  I love these people!
Area peeps, here are Michelle's digits.  Check her out and you will be forever grateful.  A very reasonable sitting fee and she doesn't copyright the disc that'll have hundreds of photos on it.  Lucky for me, Shutterfly has 11x14s for a mere $4 right now.  I'm ordering five :)
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