Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exposed {A Note to Miley Cyrus & Every Girl Who Feels They’ve Passed the Point of “Good”}

Dear Miley,

Today is Transformation Tuesday and with news that you’re posing nude on the Rolling Stone cover it comes as no surprise that you’re a popular pick.  From the days that the world came to know you to the image you choose today is a complete 180.

When I first read about your photo shoot this morning I bounced right past anger and disappointment directly to sad.  My girls are not yet old enough to have “followed you” where we have to have an uncomfortable conversation around the dinner table.  But, my involvement in crisis pregnancy center ministry has lent itself to the presence of many other girls that blend into your world.  Girls that wear little to entice a lot.  Girls who hide their eyes behind the mask of thick eyeliner to block the world from spotting any pain harbored there.  Girls who feel they’ve passed the point of “good” and create a rough exterior to protect the loneliness inside.

Certainly you are at a disadvantage.  The public spotlight would not be an easy place to age.  To have people watching and critiquing your every move, relationship, belief, and pound gained or lost would be agonizing, particularly in a Hollywood culture that encourages you to grow up before you are mentally mature enough to do so.  That is why I was saddened when Robin Thicke and the adults around you didn’t take steps to stop the award show debacle.  If we don’t train children up in the way they should go we can’t well expect them to know how to act.

However, that is still a fine line.  At a certain point, we all need to accept personal responsibility in our lives.  Consequences to sinful choices we make are still our own.  Pain that morphs from those decisions will be real.  And, to continue chasing the wilder, sexier, more worldly life will, at some point, lead to burnout.  You can never find rest in a world with no limits or definition for achieved pleasure.  This is a lesson we all learn in different arenas of life: relationships, size of our homes, make of our cars, number on the scale, the message sent in the style of our dress….

And today you are exposed.  People are talking about and posting pictures of the two fold Miley- the little innocent girl and the older tongue hanging out, skin laden one. 

But I like to believe this should be a three fold picture with a blank in what is yet to come.

You see, Miley, your story isn’t complete.  You see, young girl in the crisis pregnancy center, this doesn’t have to be the “forever” you.  You see, young girl crying in your room because of choices you’ve made or things have been done to you that make you feel like your “good” is gone, there is more to be written.  God welcomes home the prodigal with a party, remember?  He nourishes the hurt with living water.  He embraces us even in our darkest moments to help us become our brightest.

You are not alone, Miley.  Ultimately we are all exposed to the people who know us most dearly and there is no hiding from our Creator.  But, He sees our earthly fights and promises to make beauty from the ashes.  Through His grace there is no such thing as “too far gone” only opportunity for growth.  What a gift this is for all of us.  And in those loving arms we can come exposed and leave restored.

I’m praying for you….for all of us…that we remember this promise.  That we don’t let walls hinder our peace.  We have a good God.  He sees good in us.  And, when we trust in His ways, life becomes genuinely good again.

If you know a young woman who needs to hear that she can make new choices and turn her life around, please consider gifting her with NOBODY TOLD ME.  It has real stories from their peers of those who have found the strength to change their ways and walk in His promise and protection.

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