Saturday, September 21, 2013

Celebrate Your Inner Star: American Girl Party

Today 15 girls filled our house ready to celebrate their inner star.  Apparently it's the year of American Girl parties for us.  Ava had her Bitty Baby theme party in May and now our "big girls" chose a more mature version of the same love.

I made invites on Picasa

And used these great free Jani Photography American Girl star printables to get started on cupcake toppers

I also used them to make a hanging "Celebrate Your Inner Star" banner from our chandelier.

Before the girls arrived we organized the table to show off our party activities.  First, they made "Doll and Me Necklaces."

It was some intense crafting.

Then they had cake and ice cream, highlighted by the "coolest ever" American Girl party drinks.  Hannah spotted these star ice cube trays at Walmart

If that doesn't scream American Girl I don't know what does :)

So we made them red with food coloring and served them in Sprite.

After their bellies were full, we made "Doll and Me Hairbands."

Using what I now know are shank buttons thanks to the precious lady at Hobby Lobby who corrected my "buttons with the circle things on the back."

To make them we pulled the hairband through the circle and then looped the remainder of the hairband through like this tutorial shows.  Because the hairbands were a little thick, we used some of the necklace string to more easily thread the hairband through.  The girls loved picking matching sets for them and their dolls.  I loved that both activities allowed the girls to bring their individual favorite colors and styles to life.

Before they left they put all their treasures in take home bags from Target.

Their crafting truly brought out their inner star and the girls had an amazing time.

"Even better" than they imagined possible according to these to adorable birthday girls.

What a great afternoon bringing the American Girl motto to life 
"celebrating girls and all they can be." 

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