Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Last Summer Hurrah

We just returned home from a relaxing weekend at my Uncle Brian's.  He lives near a beautiful lake and each summer we cherish a weekend of paddling around in the canoes and kayaks.

Because of strict rules on this little lake, there is no wake and on a perfect day the water ripples shimmer like diamond dust.  Warmth melts away stress.  And paddles bring out the perfect opportunity for adventure and fun.  Just ask my two grown uncles who I caught in a little water fight.  :)

This year Grace and Hannah asked Brian to add fishing to the agenda.  Having never gone fishing before and true girly girls - as in cry over bug and ant sightings kind of girls - I was fairly confident this wasn't going to end well.  It conjured up images of the young me being so appalled by the idea of touching worms (which hasn't changed) that I put plastic bags over my hands, leaving my dad down right horrified.  He rightly wrote me off as a lost cause and we didn't return to fishing again. :)  I was totally okay with that.

Needless to say, when their big morning came I decided to go along.  Not because I had any interest in participating, but because I wanted to photo document this first.  It's my motherly duty and, quite frankly, I thought it was going to be pretty entertaining. 

Brian's rule was that an adult would bait the hooks (thank you, Brian, for saving them from injury and Charlie for ensuring that Brian wasn't the only one on this task) but they could pick the worm if they wanted.  I was shocked.  They touched them.  And, they sat patiently waiting for a fish to bite.  It was like a miracle.  I sipped my coffee and snapped photos in utter disbelief.       

After only a few minutes Grace had her first catch. 

It was a fairly sizable large mouth bass and later she caught something big enough to literally make her shake while trying to reel it in before the thing broke her line and stole the opportunity to meet face to face.

Hannah sat there like a pro and had two escapees get away before she could raise her hook above water, but she loved it nonetheless and spoke endlessly of next year before calling it a day.

I still have no desire to bait a hook and I'm not a fish eating fan.  But, I loved every second of watching the excitement in our little loves' eyes when the bobber would begin to bounce and the moments dangling feet over the dock and whispering conversation.  That was precious and something my husband and I will totally go for year after year.

The tiny tot didn't come down to the lake, but she played with the dogs and tried to enter Charlie and Kevin's basketball court and laughed with her cousins in grass green.  And, when evening fell, her dirty feet told the story of a day well lived.

One of adventure and chasing all the possibility a day can possibly hold.  A day we all lived and loved.

Tonight we reinstituted the school bed time routine.  Tomorrow morning Hannah meets for her one-on-one with her kindergarten teacher.  How is that possible?  Bookbags are packed and first day of school clothes are ready.  I find myself resistant to the change.  I'm loving this summer with them. 

But maybe, just perhaps, this fishing adventure prepared my heart a little bit more for Monday the 19th.  There is a season of new discovery ahead of them and I can't wait to watch the excitement unfold before their eyes.
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