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Meet KraftyKash: Interview WITH a Discount Code for You!

I have a new favorite online jewelry store.  You're familiar with it because I've included KraftyKash pictures in several posts, but after my most recent purchase

(Psalm 28:7 to celebrate my grandma's recent medical news & Proverbs 3:5-6 for a loved one going through a life change)
I became curious about the woman behind the custom jewelry that could capture stories inside a pendant.  Each of her pieces, whether it be map pendants, dictionary words, bible verses, or something more give rise to an experience one has lived and makes it wearable.  I LOVE that!

When I messaged Kashoan, the woman who hand creates every order out of the etsy store, she immediately jumped on board AND she was gracious enough to offer all of you a discount code so be sure to catch that at the end!

Have you always wanted to be a crafter?  When did you open your shop?
I opened our Etsy shop in Sept of 2009 with the idea of selling a few random things that I enjoyed creating. I never imagined it would be what it is today. We are truly blessed to be able to do what we do.

Your concept for custom map, dictionary, and bible verse necklaces is certainly unique.  How did you come up with the idea?
I am in love with words. They are so incredibly powerful. I had an old dictionary that belonged to my Great Grandma. That was the first dictionary I used in our business. I like to think that my Great Grandma is looking down from Heaven and is proud of what that dictionary has become. I am not much of a traveler, but I do love to dream of fun places to travel someday. That is where the map idea came from. Bible verses can be so uplifting, meaningful, and sacred. I love making Bible verse necklaces.

Your store focusses on clipping from vintage sources.  What is the magic in the vintage for you?
I grew up in NE around old things. My Great Grandma had an old metal suitcase that was filled with family photos. She would sit on the floor of her farm house and tell us about every picture. Her farm was full of treasures. My Grandma was the queen of garage sales.  We loved "thrifting" with her in Colorado.

What has been your favorite custom gift to make and why?
We have made so many special custom necklaces for some amazing customers. Each piece has its own unique story. 

Allow me to interject here, friends.  I asked this question because I've been so deeply touched by her jewelry that I wondered if she had any "stand out."  If she did, I knew it would be amazing. That said, I can see why she can't.  Besides the two special gifts above she made the necklace my hubby gifted our daughter Grace with at the last All Pro Dad that was packed with symbolism.

Seriously.  I cried.  And Family First found the story so powerful I received an email telling me they shared it with everyone there.

Or there's my confirmation mentee's life verse

That I gifted with a note about remembering and using it to rise above teenage temptations and walk in His grace.

And when one of my best friend's graduated nursing school after rising above teen parenting odds

I gave her the verse she used as a focal point when she was a young girl about to take on the new title of mom along with a letter about how she has shown the rest of us to live the verse out.
My mother-in-law selected the word "roots" as her word of the year we ordered that
And then each of us included a letter saying why we are grateful they chose to lay their roots in the same city we live.
That I just wore again Monday when the new dance year started up.  Grace and Hannah currently dream of becoming dance teachers, making their love of the studio profound and my time there a gift.  Some mamas are baseball moms, or soccer moms, or basketball moms, or band moms and wear their colors proud.  My pride rests in a delicate pink, white, and black.
This is, of course, just to name a few.  I've ordered more, but you get the idea.  What you love, messages you want to send, hope you want to share.... it can all be put in these necklaces to cherish forever.  Now we'll resume the interview.  I just didn't want her sweet humility to get in the way of seeing how incredible she is. :)
What do you most hope to accomplish for your customer with each order?
We want our customers to love their jewelry. It means so much to us to know that we are making a difference in someone's day with one little word, map, or verse.
How can people keep in touch with you?
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Are you totally in love?  I know.  I'll stop the interview so you can ditch my site for hers and get something great. :)  AND, while you're there be sure to enter the discount code AUG20 at checkout for 20% off your order. It will expire Aug 31!

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