Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How the Academic Calendar Changed My Parenting Perspective

When my oldest two were a toddler and newborn people often took the liberty to share the classic mom line, “Don’t blink.  You’ll miss it.”  I thought they were crazy.  Quite frankly when juice was spilled for the millionth time, cheerios were crushed on the floor, diapers were removed by tiny fingers in the crib, and overly tired little people turned into crying bears I wanted to miss it.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved my time with my children but I yearned for less mess and more normalcy.

They continued to grow and we excitedly welcomed girl number three into our home.  Or, in other words, more of the same crazy sleep schedules and untidiness.  Obviously it wasn’t all the time but it is a normal phase of motherhood that can’t be pretended away.  Children aren’t born into the world neat little individuals with particular concern for keeping life tidy and parents happy.
Stretched, I learned to breathe through it and even laugh at the disarray.
Tonight girl number two has her kindergarten back to school night.  First day of school clothes are picked and supplies are properly labeled in their new backpacks.  Next week we’ll take part in a back to school ceremony and the educational schedule will be back in full swing. 

And I find myself feeling a big lesson before they even enter the classroom.

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