Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Challenge to Robin Thicke & ALL the Adults of America

Sunday night there was an award show on.  I didn't know it at the time because, at times, I'm out of the cultural loop and I prefer it that way.  We were snuggled on the couch watching Tinkerbell for the millionth time with our two year old who's currently obsessed.  Obsessed.

Once she fell asleep we placed her into her crib and turned on our new favorite show, Duck Dynasty.  I'm not sure if it was a DD marathon or my hubby replaying episodes off our DVR and honestly I don't care.  It makes us happy, happy, happy. 

Quickly glancing at Facebook, I noticed my stream was blowing up with Miley Cyrus slams and I commented, "There must be an awards show on?" to my hubby who replied, "MTV's." 

Yesterday the comments and posts continued to balloon.  It seemed that every other one was a note of disgust or a repost of one of a smattering of blogs reminding Miley of her value and how we should shower her in love to heal what is broken, both of which I support.

I still didn't watch the performance, but I googled a news story that revealed the obvious lack of clothing and foam finger.   And, I heard about the ummmm..... actions.

I have to be honest that it really doesn't surprise me.  Since when did we believe MTV to be a healthy moral compass?  Did we really expect more from this station?  I'm thinking if you want that you should probably change the channel to Duck Dynasty.  Awards shows have struggled to be "good" for quite some time and when you put someone on stage to sing "We Can't Stop" pure seems pretty much out before it even starts.

Because of my books on teen purity and media influence most would think my commentary would fall in line with focusing on Miley.  As the parent of three girls I get the public outcry concerning the horrible message this sends about how females get value and the problem of young girls following Disney girls gone bad before they are mentally mature enough to decipher when to stop.  It also reinforces my decision to make sure Disney is turned off once the nice animated Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First are done and real people with blood pulsing through their veins are on.

Miley Cyrus is a fairly young girl with a troubled history.  She's long been in the news for partying, modeling with less clothes on than she wore to the VMAs, and accused of stealing.  She is 20.  By the law's standards she isn't even old enough to crack a beer.  My heart weeps for the place she is at in her life because I know when God looks at her He sees more.

I wanted to leave it at praying over her.  I figured enough had been written.  But God nagged at me so much I couldn't sleep with a message seemingly less popular but arguably more important.

My real concern lies with Robin Thicke and all the adults around her perpetuating the message that she is what her body can do and tweet popularity is the mark of success.  He is 36 - a husband and father to a toddler.  And, as my hubby pointed out, "This couldn't have even happened at random because they have to practice for these award shows."

Now my heart officially breaks because this isn't just a problem of Hollywood.  This is a problem in our own homes and communities that we are a part of it.

Adults of America, we can tell the children we love to make right choices until we are blue in the face but as long as take a laissez-faire toward harmful planned activities and think it's cool to promote "twerking" after promising "you and you alone" to another how can we expect them to take us seriously?  We are called to be whistle blowers to the less mature.

Miley's fall is happening one concession at a time but these are PUBLIC actions.  Our kids will miss right from wrong but sometimes it happens immediately under our nose.  What are we going to do? Try to stop them or encourage their fall with silence?

My prayer is that we take this little media stint as a challenge to better ourselves.  Satan's war is waging all around.  We must stand tall and choose better. When the kids are young we have to be okay with being potentially unpopular with a few "no's" to try and protect them down the line.  We need to be select about what we expose them to.  When we know something to be compromising of another's inherent value we need to say I won't participate or watch or promote or allow this because you are worth so much more.  When manhood is in the limelight I pray males will turn away from the scantily clad and tell girls through it that what makes them attractive has nothing to do with their skin and everything to do with guarding their heart.  Moms and adult females need to reinforce this by living this belief out in their own lives so we set the example we pray our girls to follow.  Young boys will see integrity by modeled and want what is good.  Marital faithfulness through both thought and action will ensue.  Godly character will be glorified.

Our hearts must be pure before we can reasonably expect their hearts to be pure.

Adults are supposed to train up the children in the way they should go.  Until we take that verse to heart, live by example, and stop what we know to be unhealthy when we can, all of our daughters will be at risk for buying into the lie that sex makes her special and sons to believe that wandering eyes and gyrating body parts with clothes on after the "I do" is okay because it's "not really" infidelity.

Let's be thinking, honorable adults.  Let's be the whistle blowers we were intended to be.

We can be a part of this change.  And that starts in our own homes.   
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  1. This morning I saw an article about Robin's video for his latest single, I was more disgusted by this video then the one for blurred lines. He has on the same suit he wore for the VMA performance and there are foam fingers and gyrating women galore. There is even a gal wearing a dress made of cotton candy.

    What I found to be the most disgusting however, was that his 3 year old son is in the video. I really like to think they filmed him seperately away from the other ridiculousness going on, but somehow I doubt it.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, Melissa! I've been reflecting on similar thoughts!


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