Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Nails

Recently my girls discovered nail art.  Up until this point they’d been completely content with one color per nail and it made being the mother of three girls easy.  We picked a color.  We painted.  We moved on.

Then Hannah’s preschool teacher showed up with watermelon nails and it upped the expectation bar.  I’m not gonna lie.  It required me to take a few deep breaths.  That “B” in elementary school art that caused the perfectionist in me to forever swear off the art wing once it was no longer required resurfaced and caused my confidence to wobble. 
At home Grace went full speed ahead with options.  Grabbing the iPad, I allowed a “nail polish art” search and she was in love.  Hannah and Ava took a seat next to her and for quite a while they ooohed and aahed over the many options.  Holidays.  Barbies.  Hello Kitty.  Sports.  Faith.  You name it.  It can be done.  Or at least theoretically. J

Inside I loved them as much as they did and I realized this could be a new way to bond.
So much of our summer fun is characterized by joy on the go.  We go to the park.  We go to the pool.  We go to the zoo.  We go to the library.  Smiles and laughter abound but it connection that doesn’t allow for lengthy discussion.

I want to know my girls’ hearts and this is fun that builds that in without awareness that I’m trying to do so.
Shortly after their discovery we were heading to Target field for a Twins game.  It offered the perfect opportunity to show our team spirit.  I got out the red, white, and blue nail polish and sat down at the counter with the girls.  They placed their hands on the paper towels and planted themselves for a long time.  After all, coat one had to dry before the red “stitching” could be added to the “baseball” finger. 

Loving the idea and excited to see the final result, they were like three little statues.  With the exception of their lips nothing on their body moved for fear that their fabulous nails would get ruined. 
But, boy did they have lots to say.  I heard more about...
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