Monday, July 22, 2013

{Because We are all Royal} How World Vision Gave my Kids New Sight

Kate Middleton is in labor.  Since this morning we've been on high alert - myself included - watchful for news of the little one's arrival.  Once he or she does, I've read that there will be a live broadcast helicopter delivery of the gender and birth details to the palace where it will be displayed on a golden easel.  Gun salutes and cannon blasts will tell the world that they royal baby is here.

And we watch forgetting that our birth was just as royal because we are children of The One sitting on The Throne.

Our deliveries come with less pomp and coverage, but the Lord sees and loves and celebrates us just the same.

Some will call home a castle.  Some will live in a modest house.  Yet others will live without a roof but all are special and will make their impact on the Kingdom.

Nearly two years ago we fell in love with a toddler in Ecuador.  Having nothing more than her picture, we welcomed her into our prayer lives thanks to a bittersweet goodbye.  Through our partnership with World Vision, Andrea's family was now self sufficient and Nayely's sweet face come on a new brochure.

At the time our oldest two were three and five, just old enough to begin understanding and taking interest in what this whole sponsorship meant.  Just beginning to comprehend that there was a bigger world than their travelled Midwest and that compared to some we were rich even if local street blocks told a different story.  Conversations began about God calling us to help people in need and we shared with them ministries we choose to support living that out.

Quickly Nayely made her way into their hearts, maybe more so than even ours, because she was around their age.  They had a mutual understanding of love focused around play and dolls and jewelry.  Each time World Vision mail would arrive they'd excited run in the house and rip it open to see what treasure was inside.  And, they would use their own hands to make her pictures and jewelry, knowing in their hearts that God's princess twirl and love accessories everywhere. 

This sponsorship was about little hands crossing borders and children getting new sight of all people's value in a grander world.

Needless to say, when the folder arrived with "As One journey ends...your sponsored child's program has reached it's goals...another begins. Now say hello to another child who needs you" the tears fell faster from their faces than I could gently wipe away. 

"But I love her.  I don't want to say goodbye."

My heart hurt because I stood with the same tears of sadness last time.  And, while I too loved Nayely and the exchange we were blessed to have with her family, I found myself more in awe this time at World Vision's work.  In six years we've had two sponsor children's families go from in desperate need of help to happy, dancing, self-sufficient, faith-filled living.  A dream for every Royal child.  Well done, World Vision

Pulling my girls in close I explained what this meant for Nayely's family and the life-changing gift that transpired in all our lives because of our sponsorship.  When we put the girls to sleep my husband and I marveled at their heartfelt prayers for a girl they never played with but loved like she was the neighbor next door.

So now as we all wait for royal baby news, my girls and I are looking at pictures of tiny homes with a zinc roof because in one of them is another Royal.  One of God's little princesses named Kerly who is only one and adorable as all get up.  She is our new sponsor child.  I can't wait to see how God uses this sponsorship to mold all of our lives.

Life is a gift to be celebrated everywhere.  May we never forget how royal we are and use the gifts He's given in our lives to help give life to others.  In doing so, we will see the all the world in a more meaningful way.

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