Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday {Fitness Encouragement, Thoughts from My Week, & a Link You Shouldn't Miss}

I have a lot stirring in my heart that I'm excited to share with you all as God reveals when and how to post it, but in the meantime I thought I'd have a little fun linking up with Darci's Five on Friday link up.  Here's some info on new things in my life, thoughts over the course of the week, and a link you shouldn't miss.  Let's get going!

1.  My Fitness Pal

Remember how I declared this the year of "claiming my body?"  Well, I decided if I was going to get serious about that I should have a little more awareness about the things I'm eating.  So, I downloaded this free app on my phone.  (You can also use it online.)  You put in your weight and goals and then it tells you how many calories you could have in a day.  Then you enter everything you eat and drink, along with your exercise (which will "gift" you calories back based off what you burned), and you can track your progress.  Since we don't own a scale because I want my girls to know that it isn't about a number but taking care of the one body God gave us, I will probably only update that when I have scheduled doctor visits, but the awareness is a great thing.  I'll be honest and say it's a love hate relationship.  I called our 12th anniversary a bust when the Starbucks drink my wonderful hubby surprised me with took 650 calories.  Ouch! Still, that's the only day since starting that I have gone over and I think the increased awareness will help me make even healthier choices in food prep for my family so I'm excited about that for all of us.

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2. "7"

Our Bible Study just started Jen Hatmaker's "7."  I'm thinking this is going to be real food for thought in a culture that is always telling us we need more and if we have it there will be more happiness.  If you are looking to challenge yourself this way, you might want to pick it up.

3.  Gratitude for Great Reports

My grandma has been going through a slew of medical testing lately. She's been a trooper and I pray that when I'm her age I carry myself with the same grace and dignity she does.  I LOVE this lady with all my heart.  We've been super close ever since I was little and I cherish her more than words can express.  She was here for one final biopsy this week and it was confirmed that she is through with the rigmarole and they can make a final plan.  We are all singing praises to God who has walked us through this season and shown miracle after miracle.  Needless to say, when the girls wanted to celebrate her good doctor appointment the other night with a balloon, I was all game.  Sometimes you gotta lose the {bed time} schedule to live life well. :)

4.  Where is Summer Going?

I'm not on board with the back to school sales starting to fill my email inbox.  Over half the summer is gone and we've been having so much fun I'm just not ready for it to end.

This Instagram of Grace recently made our local paper (you can find me at @MelissaNesdahl)

and pretty much summarizes the carefree joy of our days.  Lots of the park, zoo, pool, family picnics, and get togethers with friends.  It's been a low key summer filled with super special days that I'm not ready to let go of.

5.  New MODSquad July Edition is Out!

Speaking of summer, the new July MODSquad (Mother's of Daughter's) edition is out and it's focus is summer.  You will not want to miss clicking over there because there is great summer printable Scripture, recipes, cheap entertainment ideas, and ways to be blessed as a family as this cherished time winds down.  While you're there, be sure to subscribe so you don't need this reminder in the future. :)  I consider myself blessed to write with this awesome group of ladies and I know you will be encouraged in your mothering journey with each month's posts!

So that's a little bit of what's been going on with me.  How about you?

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