Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's a Master Makeover!

When my hubby and I moved into our house it was just the two of us.  We'd been married slightly over a year and bright, bold colors characterized our feelings, thus making their way onto our walls. 

At the time, burgundy and gold were in and we matched the paint design with the bed set we'd received as a wedding gift.

It was perfect for us until a dog and children started making way into our life.  Suddenly, our whole house felt busy, and I no longer wanted a "busy" room.  It was time for patterns and borders and multi-colored walls to leave in favor of a quiet, serene place that could, quite honestly, be a respite from a loud life.

Last summer I bought a new simple, classy bedspread that fulfilled this feeling.  Embarrassingly enough, my "busy" life got in the way of getting the rest of the project done and since the new spread clashed with the gold walls it did nothing but gather dust in the corner of my room.

For. A. Long. Time.

Knowing this. my mother-in-law and mom offered to buy the new paint and come over one day to get the room done as my birthday gift.  Score!  I'm blessed to be married to my best friend, but Charlie and I enjoy the rare gift that our families love each other just the same.  Not only do we do joint holiday celebrations and worship together, but they actually go out together without us.  It's cool and we love it.  To know that they wanted to hang together for the day and create our dream space was most definitely one of the best birthday gifts I've ever received.

Off to the store I went and we selected the color "manatee" out of the Dutch Boy "Room with a Story" line.  The swatch actually comes in the shape of a crayon because it's in the kids line, but, hey, we're kids at heart :) 

Charlie used his extreme height to literally walk around the room and pull down the border.

This is a definite bonus to being married to such a tall guy.

Then our family came over and once the guys cleared most of the furniture, the moms got to work.

Adios, burgundy.  Hello calm.  I already like what I see.

Since the deal was that they would do it for me I ran to the store for food to feed bellies and then laid on the bed and chatted with them while they rolled away.  I honestly don't remember the last time I was so lazy.  The kids were even out of the room by that point so I was temporarily excused from mothering duties.  Double bonus!

Once they finished and the walls were dry enough to put all the furniture back in place, a few treasures made their way back too.

Like my favorite wedding picture

And this gorgeous gift my friend who was the florist for our wedding gave us to forever capture our wedding flowers and invite from our special day {the flash made the paint look darker here}

My fav ever jewelry organizer that served the perfect feature on my side of the bed for the black accents

These treasured letters from my oldest two on the dresser mirror

And momentos from Charlie's trip to Africa as well as his treasured Elvis pez dispenser collection.  Told ya we were kids at heart :)

Finally the few new things that I got to finish off our space were added

(wall sticker from Amazon)
 (throw pillow from Target - and best camera capture of the true colors)

(black wire cross from Hobby Lobby)
And it turned out.....

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  1. So beautiful, Melissa! What a precious and generous gift. I just spent the last few days (yes days) deep cleaning and organizing our bedroom and I'm so glad I did. I tend to let clutter pile up and quickly forget that it is our sanctuary.

    A couple summers ago I painted our room and added the words "I found the one my heart loves" to our wedding picture and hung it above our bed. Little touches like that, and your PS I Love You make such a difference to our rooms.

    I love your colors, too!! :)


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