Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Bitty Baby Turned Two! {American Girl Bitty Baby Theme Party}

They say time flies when you're having fun.  I guess that means our family is filled with joy because somehow in the blink of an eye our baby has entered the terrific twos.  Today we had an American Girl Bitty Baby theme party to celebrate our bitty baby entering this new year in life.

Ava's bitty baby is basically an extension of her.  She carries it around all the time.  She takes it with her everywhere.  And, she sleeps with it by her side.  In fact, she loves bitty baby so much that when she sits down to potty train she pages through the bitty baby section of the American Girl magazine and, even when she goes, she lacks excitement for the potty dance and treat reward because she just wants to keep looking at the stuff.  It's an intense love.

For her party I made invitations using Picasa with some pictures of her and her baby.

Then we went to the store to dig into the party theme.  Hobby Lobby was THE place for my finds.

Since she's always feeding her baby a bottle, I purchased cute bottles and filled them with these cute (and really yummy) pacifier candies.

They also had tiny baby rattles with a star in them, which was perfect because American Girl always has a star on their boxes.

Together they made the perfect party favor for the little ones.

Since cake plus jewelry is a double bonus in the eyes of a young girl, I made cupcakes with baby themed rings (from a local wedding store) on top.  My new pampered chef mini spreader made the frosting all kinds of beautiful. :) 

Ava had strong feelings about the frosting.  Purple is her favorite color and when I tried to grab a different color she pushed it away saying, "purple."  At least I can be sure that she will express her true feelings to me. :)

Grace and Hannah helped me with a Bitty Baby banner

And it all came together perfectly.

This afternoon we were blessed to have a house full of nearly 30 dear family and friends who love her well.  My man impressed people with his master grilling skills before we sang to sweet little Ava.

Right after I took this picture she nearly stuck her finger in the flame so now we have complete understanding of the whole candle/hot thing.

She quickly recovered and thoroughly enjoyed every second of her cake and ice cream.

Need I say more?

It was a wonderful day celebrating our little bundle of personality. 

Our cup overflows....

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  1. Too cute!!! Looks like everything turned out fabulously and you had one happy little two year old!! Although, she did tell (and by tell - I mean SHOW) ;) me she was 10 today ... held up both hands (spread out like 5s)! H and I laughed hysterically as well as a couple of other teachers who saw, too! It was pretty adorable!


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