Friday, May 31, 2013

One Situation, Two Perspectives: Will You See Beauty Inside the Storm?

I don't do storms well.

I love them outside my window but not inside my heart raging strong.

I look at the phone knowing there is a call I need to make.  A storm is brewing and I've been asked to be the calm.  A friend has asked for prayer as she awaits her phone to ring.  A different storm strikes but fear cripples just the same.

So we both hold tight.  The common denominator to all our hardship is some type of wait where we ask How long will this last?  How do we get through it?  What will this look like in the end?   Unknowns that circle us and give Satan a stronghold.

The rain hitting my window feels healing.  A temporary let up causes me to run, camera in hand, for closer viewing of the sky.  The angry clouds growl with warning that more storm is to come

And yet a quarter turn of my body reveals breathtaking beauty in the very same landscape.

The same situation can yield two totally different perspectives.

This is true of your internal storms too, Melissa

Where we place our focus will make all the difference in the way we see our situation.

I rotate my body one final time and see the most amazing end to the lesson He's chosen to illustrate in the sky tonight.

In between thunder's cry, God created a double rainbow.

His hope, promise, and presence in every storm of life.  Always.  For each of us.

The question is, will we choose to see the beauty inside the storm?

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  1. Melissa, this is such a precious reminder of how our perspective changes everything. The storm is real, but when we turn and fix our eyes the promises of God and the power of His presence, it leaves us speechless and gives us peace.

    Great post and BEAUTIFUL pics! :-)

  2. The last few years, raising these boys to men, I have lived in the storm - and I have learned to find the beauty in the storm - to study the inside of the storm with Him beside me:) With Him, that perspective changes. With Him - there is a rainbow - without Him - it is only negative. Wonderful points, Melissa!


  3. So important to find the beauty in every storm. We've had 11 tornadoes in our state since Thursday, and those are nothing compared to what life can throw at us daily. If we don't find the beauty underneath it all, we are really missing out on the whole purpose. Great post

    1. Oh, Val, praying for you and your area!

  4. Oh this is so true! I am reading Ann Voskamp's 1000 gifts and it's all about giving thanksgiving also for the seemingly "bad". Blessings to you! patsy


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