Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gigi: The Princess Your Girl NEEDS to Know

Her name is Gigi.  She doesn't hail from the famous Disney line of princesses, but after the wild popularity of my last entry Victoria's Secret, Hollywood, & Our Jesus, I think it is important you get introduced.

Knowing our identity is critical to making wise choices, and yet if culture reinforced anything in the last week it is that the strong messages of our world can threaten to drown out the Lord's still small voice that promises so much more.

To work with (often times struggling) teens and listen to adults puts me in an interesting place when I look at the face of my three precious girls not yet exposed to painful lies about what gives them value.  When I look into their eyes I see an answer to prayer that we waited for.  I see my heart moving around outside my body.  And, I see hard work.

Because it is my job to teach them age appropriate truth in their formative years well enough that when they first get exposed to the ways of the world they will recognize lies and reject it.  {Oy.  This parenting gig is no small task.}

My girls love princesses.  They have Disney favorites and watch them with a sparkle in their eye.  Yet, they know that it isn't what is on the outside that promises escape from hardship or a fairytale life thanks to Sheila Walsh's "Gigi: God's Little Princess."

Gigi is a normal young girl.  She's curious.  She thinks she wants what other people have.  She is trying to figure out what to think and how to act with her family and friends.  However, woven into these cute stories about dream houses, dance classes and the soccer field is a unique message of God's love and special plan specifically for her.

Stories of our girls' own everyday circumstance creatively reiterates that they are claimed and extravagantly loved.  They hear that there is a Way and to walk in it.

The other day Grace came home from school and told me that a classmate said her dream was to be a princess when she grows up.  "I told her she could pick another dream," she said, "because she's already a princess since God made her."

My heart smiled.

Yes I try and give her this message but I fully credit Gigi for my daughter's evangelizing because she makes it come to life in an authentic cool way.  And, while I can't know what choices my girls will make down the road, I'm grateful for these books and movies that continually whisper I always love you and have a plan for the best for you into their soul.

I'm hopeful that because they want to read/watch something Gigi daily these kid crafted messages will translate into greater confidence and a stronger love for God's design in the future.

Today is International Children's Book Day and it is my prayer that those of you with little girls can avert your eyes from the problems around us and start focusing on the solutions in front of us.  This book line offers unique hope.  If our girls take this message to heart in their young years, it could change the face of their tomorrow.

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  1. LOVE this post! I just posted on my blog about a similar subject. It is so important, that we as Christian parents, are doing our best to teach our daughters that their true worth lies with God, not the world. I'm so honored each time I stumble upon another momma who thinks like me. ;) And I'll be sure to check out these books for my daughter. Look in my book section for another great series for kids.


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