Friday, April 12, 2013

15 Motivational Songs for the Unenthused Runner

Since my last post people have asked me how I get motivated to run.  Apparently I'm in good company preferring a bowl of ice cream to the exhaustion of the treadmill.  :) 

Obviously my first and primary motivation was wanting to get healthier, but the process of making that idea into reality takes the second motivation - GOOD MUSIC.  I cannot tell you how important this is.

The first day of my 0 to 5k runner was most definitely my most miserable and it wasn't because my shoes were shot and my feet hurt.  It was because my phone told me I needed to keep it on to hear my "trainer" tell me when to do what and I had NO music on my phone.  I've always used my iPod.  And, since I would totally be the person that slips and falls off the treadmill while trying to look up to watch the TV, I felt my only choice was to look forward and sing to myself in my head.  Unfortunately, the song that came to me was "Father Abraham."  You know, the song you sing in preschool Sunday School with all sorts of wacky arm and leg movements?  Ya.  That one. I clearly haven't sang it in decades so I have no idea why it suddenly occupied my brain space, but it did and it made for one L-O-N-G, miserable workout. 

By the time I returned, I was loaded with many Christian and secular favorites with a beat.  Hearing them pump through my ear buds energizes me  to get through the workout until I can get to my calmer stretching selections.  If you need help with the get up and go, I recommend these - from one unenthused runner to another :)

1.  "Gold" Britt Nicole
2.  "Any Man of Mine" Shania Twain
3.  "Happy Girl" Martina McBride
4. "Lose My Soul"  TobyMac
5.  "If You're Going Through Hell"  Rodney Atkins
6.  "Rolling in the Deep"  Adele
7.  "Shine"  Newsboys
8.  "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)  Beyoncé
9.  "That's Not My Name"  The Ting Tings
10.  "Brainwash"   Nicole C Mullen
11.  "Some Nights"  Fun
12.  "Take a Chance on Me"  ABBA
13.  "We Live"  Superchick
14.  "Alive Again"  Matt Maher
15.  "Born for This"  Mandisa

These are the type of songs that come on the radio and you HAVE to turn them up because it just feels wrong to play them any other way.  And, if I've heavy exercised my way through 15, it's time to call it a day.  Heck, I'd deserve a little ice cream :) 

When the music is off, I'd honestly still place myself in the unenthused running category.  Yet, in crazy weeks like this one where our city is part of a declared state of emergency because of a catastrophic ice storm that has leveled trees, downed power lines, damaged homes, and started fires making travel to the gym (or elsewhere) dangerous, I find myself excited to get back at trying it.  I have to think this is the Holy Spirit breathing new possibility into me.  So, if you're feeling like you're beyond hope, join me in pumping up some good tunes.  He'll help you with the rest.

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