Monday, March 18, 2013

"I Let My Light Shine By..." Jar {A DIY Craft to Bring Out the Best in Your Kids}

With Easter right around the corner I think we all have our Lord's sacrifice fresh on our minds.

He chose a painful death because He loved you and I, but how does that affect our living?

Clearly we're given the gift of grace.  Knowing we wouldn't do it right on our own Jesus took all our wrong onto himself so that we could remain right with God.

And, because of that intense, selfless love we should desire to live an intense, selfless life for Him.

Obviously I can't force my kids to live this way, but we do make an intentional effort to talk with them about it.  We remind them that we are to love others like Jesus does.  We are to use our hands and feet for helping not hurting.  We are suppose to use our words to encourage others not break their spirit. 

We teach them that they can draw others to Jesus' love when they show His light to the world.

For the most part, they get it and for that I am thankful.  However, my house isn't perfect and these long winter months stuck indoors are trying on everyone's patience so a little added incentive to bring out our best is a bonus.

Welcome the DIY "I Let My Light Shine By..." jar.


I take no credit for this.  It all belongs to Hannah's incredible preschool teachers who had the children make things for a craft fair to benefit the school and this was one of them.

When I went to look at all the sweet gifts the children made this was the FIRST one that Hannah put her hands on.

"We need this mom."

And it turns out she was right.

Having this simple little jar sitting on the counter has served as a visual reminder to the girls that their life is meant to reflect the Lord's love.  They are constantly doing things to let their light shine and then they vocalize it, which I am fine with because they are young and being reminded about the nice things we can do is a great way to sear it into their little brains.  :)

When they let their light shine, they get to fill out the little paper form and drop it in the jar.  We are watching the jar fill quickly with joy.  They are going out of their way to do more acts of kindness as well as doing many of the same that they've always done but are reminded in the new way why it is so important.  And we've had so. many. smiles!

Through my DIY resurrection eggs we're teaching the Easter story, but this "I Let My Light Shine By" jar is helping the kids live out that risen love.  If you have little ones, I encourage you to try it.  It might even be fun for families with older kids, as we're never to old to focus in on this important idea and inspire one another.  Then, on Easter you could open up the jar as a family and read how you've been His hands and feet in the midst of your everyday world.  It's sure to bless you.  :)

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