Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Staff Appreciation: Cuisine Theme Style

This week embraces the best of mom hood: thanking God for His love and the gift of our children, helping with Grace and Hannah's Valentine's parties, and paying it forward to the amazing staff in Grace's elementary school with yummy meals for conferences kick off the week before a relaxing family day Thursday.  Blessings abound.

After my last post sharing staff appreciation ideas I received private messages from people wanting to refocus their PTAs to better reward the staff in their area schools.  Surprised and honored, I responded with info on our sign up system and basics on when we served our staff. 

Today completed spring conferences and we did three cuisine themes.


Google translator made the fun signs possible.  Incredible parents who join with us in thanking the staff donated all the food and drink.

Ironically, my co-chair and I are chairing this committee for the first time this year.  I loved sharing that with those who wrote because this isn't something that takes years to master.  It only requires some time to plan, a few trips back and forth on conference/staff appreciation days to make sure everything has arrived and is organized, and a thankful spirit. 

We've discovered that people will flock to help in this cause.  And, as parents, how can we not?  We trust these caring, inspiring people with the little ones we love most and our children grow to adore them.

It also makes me wonder what other schools are doing to gift their staff.  Have you been part of a PTA or personally led staff appreciation?  What did you do?  Or. maybe you are a teacher/staff member that wants to share a favorite?  In sharing our ideas, we can make even better events for the most deserving of people. 

Thank you, school staff!

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