Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY Thumbprint Heart Decorative Tile

In the midst of staff appreciation I've also been helping out with Valentine's parties in my girls' classrooms.  Last Valentine's Day for preschool I was in charge of treats and I made these adorable "God Choo-Chooses You" cupcakes.  I was up all night doing them but it was totally worth it because I want the kids to know first and foremost that they are chosen by God.  The younger they grasp their identity in Him the easier it will be for them to understand their worth and make wise choices. 

This year I was in charge of the craft.  Considering the children are four and five, I wanted to make something relatively simple that they could gift their parents with and keep for years to come.  After my oldest made an adorable snowman tile with her handprint at her Christmas party, I thought I could use the same concept with thumbprint hearts.

For a sample, I made one with the thumbprint of each of my girls.  The girls wrote the letters and I painted their thumbs and helped them place the hearts. {It does work best if they write the "I," then help them do the thumbprint hearts, and have them finish with the "U" last so it doesn't smear.}

It turned out super sweet and I will put it, along with the one Hannah made at her party, out around Valentine's Day for years to come.  The back is dated and they fit perfectly on little easels. Adorable home décor. :)

These have got to be some of the cheapest savable crafts in the existence of man.  The tiles were 13 cents each at Menards and we had acrylic paints.  You can date the back with Sharpie.

All of the parents loved them.  A simple craft turned timeless treasure.


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  1. How cute! This would be a really fun family bonding for you and your kids. Doing creative activities can stimulate kids' mind to think and express their feelings more.


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