Tuesday, January 1, 2013

When Little Hands Crossed Borders

The girls came running into the house with eager anticipation.

“Mommy, we got a letter from our sponsor child!”

The bright orange World Vision logo is impossible to miss and the mere site of it brings joy.

Hannah’s small fingers work to rip the envelope while Grace hangs closely over her shoulder.

“Oh cute,” Hannah coos. “It’s a card with Nayely’s hand.”

It wasn’t too long ago that we said goodbye forever to our now self-sufficient World Vision child. But when Nayely’s folder arrived we were captivated,

and she quickly found a home in our hearts. The letters started flying back and forth and love became real.

Recently we sent her crayons and an art smock. What little princess doesn’t love to color her world? And she sent us photos of her smiling with the new prized possessions, intensifying my girls’ longing to use their hands for her.

“Let’s make her jewelry for Christmas!”

A small dusting of outdoor snow and frigid temps created the perfect setting for indoor crafting

and Grace and Hannah Got to work.

As their little hands strung beads over string, I moved around the kitchen filling the dishwasher and organizing bills. Every mother knows you have to take advantage of free moments to get these tasks done.

“We’re finished, mom!”

Hannah’s announcement brought me back to the table where inexpensive beads brought me to tears.

“I made her name on a bracelet and Grace made the necklace.”

“Ya,” Grace added, “because we always want her to know faith, hope, and love.”

I kissed their foreheads, moved by their thoughtfulness. After all, they are five and seven. I was anticipating a random selection of beads. Not a meaningful message touch Nayely’s spirit.

When little hands crossed borders new hope was born.

Today everyone is talking about their New Year's resolutions.  This isn't wrong.  I actually made one myself.  But, as I hang the new calendar, my mind keeps drifting back to the traced hand and little plastic beads.

Print DNA. A name. Faith. Hope. And Love.

What if we simply valued people for their humanity and took time to encourage them where they were at?

In doing so, we become a people that matters to one another and the community of God is made real.

It’s not a resolution. It’s a simple way of life that could change the world, as evidenced to me by the unique connection of three little girls in two distant countries.

Do everything in love.  1 Corinthians 16:14

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