Friday, January 11, 2013

When Life Feels Dreary

Raindrops are hitting my window and washing over my soul.  As I look out the glass panes there are only muted views of the homes and trees because fog has settled around them.  I should be writing rather than looking outside, but blame it on the fog.  Sometimes it settles over my brain too. :)

In the distance where I know there to be trees I can only see a blanket of white.  It is as if I am separated from what I should feel, taste, and experience.  From the comforts of my recliner, my house is wrapped in this white wall.

I light the candle in my kitchen.

There is something about candles, I've discovered, that brings peace and stillness in the midst of a busy home.  I've started lighting one daily.

And I stare at the glow.

Rain and fog are outside but a candle burns bright.  When life feels dreary remember He is ever present Light.

I'm having a great day.  Outside of the fact that Ava is chatting and kicking around in her crib to avoid her limited nap time and fuzzying my ability to write, I feel very blessed.  And, I have to admit, I actually love these wet, foggy days.  They inspire a relaxation that make slippers, fireplaces, and a family movie night in PJs feel totally right.

But sometimes my life isn't so.  Sometimes I feel like that blanket of white envelopes me and keeps the life I feel apart from the life I want to see.  Don't we all?

I'm praying for people there right now.  I know moments will come where that will be me.

Yet I look at this still burning candle and smile because no matter what bleak circumstances wrap around our life, He shines from within.  A still small voice that centers us whose flame never goes out.

Thank you, Lord.

{If you have a prayer request today, kindly slip it in the comments or write personally through the "Let's Connect" tab.  I'd love to lift you up.}

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