Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Perfectly Crocheted Life

Blame it on Pinterest.  This desire of mine to learn to crochet. 

I've never been crafty.  In fact, whenever I saw something along those lines I liked I quickly pinned it to the board I created entitled "For My Crafty Mom to Make."  Pass the buck and let something skilled do it.  It's how I roll.

But I kept seeing all these really cute hats, and coffee cup warmers, and scarves, and ear warmers, and....

I decided I needed to learn how to crochet for myself. 

When I publically confessed my New Year's resolution my husband was so shocked I pretty much had to pick his jaw up off the ground.  I think he wondered if his love had been abducted by aliens.

The next Sunday I went to my mom's and she handed me this gift.

 I no longer had excuses.  It was time to get started. 

I tied the end and started in on the single stitch.

"How loose am I supposed to make this?"  I wanted to know.

"Oh, that's your tension.  You will figure it out as you go," my mom replied.

Loose looked like it would fall apart, and I wanted my work to look good so I made a gorgeous tight braid

and smiled at my creation.

Then I got gutsy and decided to make a turn.  I studied my instructions and my mom talked me through it.  Off I went....or should have been

But I struggled to work the needle into the yarn because my "perfect" braid was too tight to work through.

Just like your life.  You use up so much energy trying to make it look good that you leave no room to invite My spirit in to work through you.

Really, Lord?  This was about Pinterest not church.

Realizing that the turn wasn't going to be successful, I pulled the yarn and everything I'd worked so hard to make great disappeared.

The next Sunday I returned to my resolution.  This time I was intentional about being loose and airy.  At first, it didn't look so hot.  But, I made my turn and easily through the yarn the hook went.  For hours I worked, row after row, turn after turn,

And the result was a bigger, stronger, more beautiful work.

Just like when you remain open to me and fruitfully live the life I've designed.

"Is that a Barbie cowl, mom?" Grace questioned. 

I smiled thinking that in trying to make nothing I may have made something notable.

"No.  It's just practice."

She returned to playing and I looked to my mom.

"Am I ready to try a pattern now?"

"Oh no," she answered.  "You need to learn the double and triple stitch first."

Great. Lesson #2 = Patience. 

Apparently He is showing me how the right stitch mimics a more gratifying life. 

So I'm trying to let go of my own idea of perfection and open myself to His.

All from a silly New Year's resolution.

Blame it on Pinterest :)
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