Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby It's Cowl(d) Outside

Arctic air has settled over the Midwest, leaving us to endure frigid temperatures.  In fact, school has already been cancelled for tomorrow because the high BEFORE wind chill is NEGATIVE six.  Apparently with wind chill we will be in the minus 30s.  How God creates these temperatures and calls it good is beyond me but I am not God so I won't question Him.  I'll take a pajama day.

But, when school, dance, and schedules force us to function, I'm using it to my advantage in "reclaiming me."

Now that we are done having children my goal is to reclaim my body.  I'm not aiming to look like a Barbie or reach any specific weight.  I want my girls to see that it isn't about a number on the scale but taking good care of the one body God gave us.

Thankfully, cowls are super trendy and in the midst of pregnancies over the last seven years my neck hasn't changed.

Isn't this cute?  My super talented mom made it. :)

Between babies and during pregnancies I've always worked out, but I've rarely purchased any new clothing for myself because I always felt like just the moment I'd lost my baby weight there was a chance (prayerfully) that we would have another little one and I'd be digging deep into the maternity wear tote again.

Now with three beautiful girls, we feel blessed beyond measure and God has given us the sense that we are complete.

Needless to say, trendy is back on my radar.  And, my form is back in my thoughts because when I replace my decade old no longer trendy clothes with something new I want it to fit for a long while.

To challenge myself, I downloaded a free zero to 5K runner app on my phone and am painfully, but happily, listening to my automated trainer tell me what to do.  I'm being forced outside of the "Oh my goodness, I'm starting to get sweaty so I better slow this train down" mentality and in the process sore muscles are indicating healthy transformation taking place.

And, while I watch good things happen, a fresh hair cut and new cowls are bringing me into the now.

Maybe if I accomplish my New Year's resolution I can even make a few more for myself.

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  1. You are beautiful no matter what - just don't forget that in this process!! :) Although I am jealous that you started the couch to 5k....have always wanted to try...but am too LAZY! ;) Have a wonderful PJ day! I am secretly hoping that we have no school here in Marshall so we can do the same!!


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