Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hot Cocoa Stirrers

This Christmas break has been bursting with unexpected fun.  At our joint family Christmas Eve meal my mother-in-law surprised everyone with a photo booth that made for so many smiles.  On Christmas, we made Jesus his birthday cake {a cupcake heart} and Hannah suddenly belted out "Happy Birthday" Marilyn Monroe style.  And, last night we wrapped up Christmas with our first-ever played Christmas Carol charades.  The object, obviously, being to act out a Christmas carol and once the proper team guessed the right answer we all sang it.  We got spirit yes we do!

There have also been many still moments that will forever remain documented in my mind.  I loved seeing my hubby's eyes fill with tears during "O Holy Night" at Christmas Eve worship.  I'm so blessed to be married to a man with such love for the Lord.  And the kids, in between some occasional bickering and Ava discovering how to cover her ears when being spoken to, have clearly adored the extra family time since my hubby was fortunate enough to be home three full days.  Among my favorites have been Grace reading the story of Jesus' birth, games, and, of course, snuggling up for movies.  My all time favorite is Elf and Charlie had never seen Miracle on 34th Street (Can you imagine?) so we remedied that.  The little girl in the newer version is entirely to cute!

And, there is no better way to watch a movie than with hot cocoa AND hot cocoa stirrers. 

I first saw the idea on pinterest but the original recipe called for genuine white chocolate and sprinkles on the bottom.  Sprinkles sounded a little odd to me, but why not use some extra candy cane?  More mint with product we were already using was a modification that I thought made for perfection.

So here's how you can make them:

You will need:
Regular size candy canes
White chocolate almond bark

Get out the number of candy canes that you want stir sticks.  Break the curved end of the candy cane off so that you have straight stir sticks.  {They will stand up better if the candy cane sticks are only a few inches}  Crush up some of the curved ends.

Melt some white chocolate almond bark and dip the end of the candy cane in it.  Press firmly into the marshmallows and allow them to dry.  Then, dip the ends of the marshmallows in the melted white chocolate almond bark and roll it in the crushed candy cane.

ALL of these items can melt into your hot chocolate and add to its yumminess!  Charlie and I made a date night out of it in the kitchen and found these quick and easy stirrers to make sipping hot chocolate at home with our littles and out and about at holiday gatherings a whole lot more fun.

And, now that Christmas is over, the candy canes are probably on clearance.  Go get some and enjoy the stirrers with the people you love!  Maybe you could even surprise them for a little unexpected fun in your house. :)

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