Saturday, December 1, 2012

{DIY} Attributes of the Lord Christmas Tree Ring Advent Countdown

The calendar page has been turned and my children are buzzing with excitement.  Christmas is on the way!  As a mom, my goal is to invest time in making sure they truly understand the reason for the season.  And that investment can be made with very little money.

Last year for Advent we did a Birth Story Candy Cane countdown.  When Grace (my seven year old) asked me a few days ago if we were going to do the same thing again this year, I found myself smiling and nodding saying, "Yep, we're going to do something special,"  Unfortunately, I had no idea what this "something special" was going to be and, clearly, time was of the essence.  I only knew I didn't want to involve the actual Christmas tree because with Ava being 18 months old we opted against putting the ornaments up and candy would only entice our energetic climber.

There are so many wonderful Advent activities I'd like to try with my children over the years.  The challenge right now is making it understandable for their ages.  Thankfully, I'd seen this cute Christmas tree ring countdown and I transformed it from a basic countdown into a faith-focussed activity.

If you are wanting to do something on the fly, this is a craft for the win.  You only need some colored construction or scrapbook paper and a pen.  Pretty simple, right?   

Cut your paper into the number of strips that there are days in Advent.  I cut one gold for the very top, and a mixture of red and shades of green for the rest.

Then I made my own list of attributes of the Lord I feel it is important for my girls to know and Scriptures to support them.  Since Advent is 23 days this year, I went with 22 attributes and the final gold ring {Christmas Eve} is to read the birth story.

Here is the attribute/Scripture list I created-

1)      Hope  John 16:33
2)      Forgiveness    Isaiah 1:18  
3)      Peace  Isaiah 26:3
4)      Trustworthy  Deuteronomy 31:6
5)      Comfort   Matthew 11:28
6)      Direction  Jeremiah 29:11
7)      Strength   Philippians 4:13
8)      Loving  Psalm 107:1
9)      Sustenance  Matthew 4:4
10)   Empowering  2 Corinthians 12:9
11)   Joy  John 15:11
12)   Forever  Isaiah 40:8
13)   #1 King  Revelations 19:16
14)   Making us Whole  Colossians 2:10
15)   Claiming Us  Galatians 4:5-6
16)   Light  John 8:12
17)   Preparing a place for us  John 14:3
18)   Protection  Isaiah 43:2
19)   Miracle Worker Psalm 77:14
20)   All Knowing Luke 12:7
21)   Intimate  Psalm 56:8
22)   Eternal life  John 3:16
23)   Read the birth story  Luke 2: 1-20

Obviously the attributes and supporting Scriptures can be exactly what you want them to be and, if you choose to use the same list, can be hooked together in any order.

I wrote "The Lord Is..." on the front of the yellow ring so that the girls know what we will be focussing on this Advent.  The whole thing only took about 15 minutes to make and was completely free because I had some paper in the house. 

Despite its monetary cheapness, it will be rich in teaching and the girls can't wait to get started.  I can't wait to see the discussion it promotes.  :)

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