Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Decade of Domesticity {with a 2 Ingredient (Microwavable) Fudge Recipe}

In 1997 I graduated high school and moved in to the college dorms.  According to one of my mom's friends, this Erin girl was attending the same school and we would make good roommates.  We met at Applebees and had a meal.  Few words were shared and when we left we did the awkward "So do you want to room together?" "Sounds great."  Done deal kinda thing. 

We probably both left praying we hadn't made the worst mistake of our lives.

Day one of moving into the dorms we set up our stuff.  The following morning her alarm went off and she popped out of bed, panicked. "We're going to miss TPIR!" (short for The Price is Right)  I began to question my decision.  My lack of enthusiasm probably caused her to do the same :)  Her boyfriend came and made our room totally cutting edge, setting up surround sound before it was the "in thing" and my boyfriend gave it a trial run over Home Improvement with him.  The stage was set for our living arrangement together. 

Before long we were staying up late in the night talking.  We laughed.  We cried on each other's shoulder, at times.  We both studied up the wazoo.  And, when we weren't, we were doing super important things like having a slew of girls in the room to watch "The Wedding Story" and covering our door in wrapping paper to stay seasonally festive. 

Quickly I found an amazing friend in this Barker fanatic turned nurse extraordinare.

We both married those boys that helped us set up our freshman dorm room - character high school boyfriends with a great sense of humor and love for the Lord.  We were a part of each other's services and helped each other settle into full fledged adult life.  We dreamed of babies and painted new walls.

One year after graduation we decided we'd start a Christmas cooking tradition.  It didn't go so hot.  One pan of burnt chocolate and an extra day of goody work later we wondered if we were cut out for this.  But we had so much fun we continued.  Year. After. Year. 

Our domestic skills grew, favorites were formed, and our families grew.  Seven children now call us "mom" and make this carved out time in our lives that much more special.  It is a day to make food to bless others, but more than that, it is a full day I can plan on sharing with a woman I was blessed to be set up with because she's become one of my most cherished friends.

This year we added two ingredient microwavable fudge to our list.  {Hey, I said we got better.  Not that we became master chefs.}  Chad and Charlie both joked over our supper (tradition is that our families share a Qdoba meal when our work is done) that it was probably a mistake the first time someone made it and true hard-working, stove-laboring women are probably rolling over in their graves with our new found Pinterest gem that we call a recipe. But, mistake or not, it worked.  And it is good.  So, if you are going to a holiday party and want something on this fly this would be it.

Here's how you make it:
1 can of chocolate frosting
1 (12oz) bag of semisweet chocolate chips

Put in the microwave at 70% for two minutes and then take it out and stir until all the chocolate chips have melted in.  Put it in an 8x8 waxed paper lined pan and stick in in the fridge to cool for around two hours. 

I think it would be fun to try a cream cheese type of frosting sometime too.

This year we made 910 pieces of candy in 5.5 hours. 

Our list was:

1) 2 ingredient fudge
2) gluten free peanut butter star kiss cookies
3) peanut clusters
4) chocolate peanut butter balls
5) almond bark pretzels
6) holiday button pretzels

Last night before leaving my man said, "You ladies got this down to a science." And, after a decade, I'd have to agree.  Thanks for the tradition, Erin.  But, most of all, thanks for your friendship.  I look forward to much more laughter, singing, and meaty discussion memories over candy making days in the decades to come.

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