Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge: Week One

The other day I was skimming pinterest (which I love) and came across Positively Present's 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge.  Each day there is a topic to capture with the hashtag #Gratitude30.  Helloooooo Instagram (@melissanesdahl).  Another love of mine :)  The marrying of these two loves was clearly meant to be and the sharing of all I'm thankful for is something I thought would be fun to share with all of you! So, every Friday during this month of Thanksgiving I will be showing you notable moments of gratitude in my life.

Day 1: Words

Isn't this a great reminder for all of us?  I put it in my phone's notes lest I forget.

Day 2: Technology

In one Sunday afternoon our one year old played with a computer, iPhone, iPod, and iPad.  This is most definitely a sign of the times! 

Day 3: Nature

Recently, we had our first snow.  I can't say I was a fan (and thankfully it melted after only a few hours) but when I told my 5yo that she replied, "but you need snow to make angels and angels are from God." Perspective. :)

Day 4: Clothing

The other night my hubby and I were fortunate enough to have a date night.  Yes!  I always love special time with my man!  Thankfully I checked my feet before getting in the car because apparently in my excitement I put on mismatched shoes.  I like to keep things classy :)

Day 5: Knowledge

This is how a 7yr old chooses to celebrate getting 103/100 on her MindCore challenge testing event. Good taste, eh?!  These were intense, challenging questions and we were extremely proud of our little student.

Day 6: Memories

One of the most special exchanges I've had with Grace this year is through her first grade family journal.  These notes have created memories I will cherish all my life.  I'm just as excited as she is when that journal comes home. :)

Day 7: Innovation

Isn't this a young girl's dream come true?!  Hannah wrote out her first homework (which she was super excited about so let's hope that continues to be true!) with these innovative princess nail polish pens.  Well played, Target!

Day 8: Sleep

I say success is better measured by moments treasured than checks on a to-do list.  Snuggling with our busy body for a rare afternoon nap was most definitely what this mommy was supposed to be doing.

Day 9: Holidays

Introducing our beautiful snow princess, cat princess, and not-so-pleased ladybug. :)  These three capture our hearts daily and were a joy to trick-or-treat with on a rare warmish Halloween.

These pictures only represent specific categories of gratefulness in my life.  The truth is each day is fill with a multitude of mental snapshots I'm thankful for.  Next Friday I'll be back with more of the #Gratitude30 photographed ones!

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