Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge: Week 4

Today I'm back with my final installment of the photo gratitude challenge.  I can't believe how quickly this flew by.  Noting special blessings through Instagram (@MelissaNesdahl) was a fun way to appreciate the many gifts He's given.
24 Adventure
On Saturday morning we took a road trip adventure to North Dakota for a family Thanksmas.  Lunch was our Thanksgiving and supper kicked off the Christmas fun.  In between we swam and played family charades.  The smiles and laughs we shared in those numbered hours were too many to count.

25 Beauty

Is there a more beautiful way to end a family gathering than generational worship?  I don’t think so!  For the first time in Charlie and I’s 11 years of marriage our entire family worshipped at his grandma’s church.  There is something endearing about filling an entire church pew and lifting all our hearts up to the Creator.  When it was done, I get this shot of Charlie and his brother bringing the next generation of Nesdahl’s to the car.  I love everything about it.

26 Tradition

When Grace started kindergarten last year I started a lunchbox love notes tradition.  For her final cold lunch of the year, I made a “bigger” deal out of it and, I guess, she remembered.  J  Monday was her first day as star of the week and she asked me to continue the “little something special” tradition.  This was the result.  I guess now we not only do notes to each other, but I go into designer mode for special occasions.  Tradition on top of tradition J

27  Sound

This view + the sound of Christmas music = my favorite setting to write.  There is a special ambiance created by the glow of the Christmas tree lights that cannot be duplicated in any other way.  I find these writing moments incredibly peaceful.

28  Comfort

Wednesday we went for the family Star of the Week presentation.  Listening to Grace confidently tell her classmates stories, demonstrate dance moves, and read books made for one very special day.  My favorite moment was when she pointed the picture of her on the slip n. slide and followed it up with “but then my dad went on it and popped it.”  Everyone laughed, but I had to look at him with admiration for plunging his body down the cheap yellow piece of plastic to begin with.  He is one very cool dad.  J 

29  Art

Hannah got her second preschool homework assignment this week and, once again, she was thrilled.  This time she had a blank snow man that she was to decorate any way that she wanted.  You know you’re raising a girl when the finished product contains glitter, pink beads, and “hair pretties.”

30  Love

Zoey went to the groomer and came back all prepared for Christmas.  I love the new bandana.

As you turn the calendar page, my prayers are with all of you.  The Christ child will soon be here.  Whether life is better than you could ever imagine or you find yourself hurting, may you feel His all-encompassing love in a powerful way this Christmastime.  He came for YOU.
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