Saturday, October 13, 2012

What Have We to Offer?

It was a day my oldest had been anticipating for months.  MindCore, a set of 100 challenging questions per grade level, was underway.  The kids had studied hard and today was their day to show off all they had learned.
Proud of my girl, I gave her one final surprise at the breakfast table

and she went out the door with her daddy proudly wearking a dress and glitter shoes.  

Shortly thereafter, I entered the parking lot, half groggy from a night of sleep that amounted to a glorified nap thanks to our teething baby.  Searching for the best place, I completely circled the lot before admitting that the best spot was in fact the furthest spot from the school.
With my coffee in hand, I stepped out of the van and was stunned at the site before me.  The brisk air swept across my face, sending a shiver down my spine, but somehow my feet still couldn’t move.  I was blown away.  Vehicles everywhere.

When I made way into the gym, over a hundred folding chairs were lined up with volunteers ranging from parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, the area superintendant, a news anchor, and police officer in uniform, sitting one-on-one across from toothy, grinning children, excited to share all they had learned in hours outside their school day.
Quickly finding a seat, I had my first student along with her questions and answers (and let’s just thank God for the answers.  I seriously felt like an idiot when I realized how much these elementary school children knew that I, admittedly, did not).  That chair would rotate with students who knew them all to ones who were confident an answer was coming and would repeat it until it did.  There would be kids that astound me in their methodology to little ones who would make me laugh through facial expressions and answers.  Come on, “Don’t punch someone in the face” in response to “what is the golden rule?”has got to make you chuckle. J 

Before I knew it the principal was reporting that all 600+ students had individually shared their knowledge and the volunteers were free to go.  A few hours later I would pick up Grace and the entire ride home she would talk about “the girl in charge of all the schools” (superintendant) being there and the mayor of our city.  She was puffed up with excitement about knowledge.  Then I opened her family journal (first grade sounds) to find this- “Today was an exilent day. We got to see the mayer and I got all the MindCore questions right including the bones quistons.  We got a cookie…I’m glad you came for mindcore.” 
My exhaustion seemed to lift and I silently gave thanks to a God who reminded me through a packed parking lot and loud gym (not always two of my favorite sites) and young girl’s writing that we need not be selfish with our time.  Yes days are busy and schedules are packed, but He has given us gifts to share with others and if it is a calling from the Lord He will most certainly make space in our lives and energy in our spirit for it to happen.

I can’t help but believe that ALL those kids went home more confident in themselves after being championed by loving adults who realized their time wasn’t their own, but God’s.  A small chunk of time that could have ripple effects on the future.
Are you tired today?  Trust me, I get that.  I spent last night in the chair with that same teething baby again.  And am I advocating that you say “yes” to everything and run yourself dry doing works for the Lord?  No.  There is risk that doing too much “for Him” will take our eyes off of Him.  But I am saying to think about your gifts, your passions, your loves, and bring them to God trusting that He will give you all you need when He nudges you to use your uniquely given strengths.  He didn’t give them to us to hoard.  He enabled us with them to build each other up and create stronger community.

Enjoy giving, friends!

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  1. To use the gift He has placed in us is to glorify Him indeed; thank you for the reminder today. I will.


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