Monday, September 10, 2012

It's A Pajama Party

The nice thing about having girls, particularly girls that are planners, is that I never have to figure out birthday party themes.  They always have ideas and for nearly a year they've been telling me they wanted a pajama themed birthday. 

So, I made some invites


And on Saturday the big day arrived.

When they did, we started off with a game of telephone

Because who doesn't like whispering to friends in their jammies. :)

It was also a great way to break the ice and get friends from different schools and activities talking with one another.

Once everyone was here, we had a donut chomp.  The object was to be the fastest person to eat your suspended donut

(Yes, those are my hubby's Mario PJ pants & Homer slippers.  The kids thought he was uber cool!)

Without using your hands.

Grace won in 18 seconds time.

After that they at cake and ice cream.  The girls wanted me to make cupcakes so I molded starbursts into pillow shapes and put the guests initials on them.

Once their bellies were full, we played musical pillows.

And then burned off a little more energy with sleeping bag races.

Before their friends left, they gifted them with fun pajama themed party favors.


The kids had a great time

And the birthday girls were all smiles.

It turns out a pajama theme is lots of fun PLUS it gives everyone an excuse for a pajama day. :)  What a great way to celebrate!

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