Monday, August 20, 2012

We Have a {First} "Grader"

Today our sweet Grace woke up filled with excitement.

Because today she started first grade!

She got on this most adorable outfit

that she picked from Gymboree.

And strapped on her new Pinkalicious backpack

to head (hand in hand with Hannah) to the flag raising ceremony.

Since I'm a writer, I love that she picked a backpack based off a book series she likes. :)

Inside her lunch box was, of course, her first lunch box love note of the year from us.

We've been praying for Grace's (then unknown) first grade teacher ever since kindergarten started nearing an end.  We loved her kindergarten teacher  and the idea of saying goodbye was tough, but God gives new beginnings and we are really excited about what He has in store.  Her teacher is a wonderful, faith-filled woman whose calm spirit, humbleness, and love of kids makes me smile in her presence.  And, she has a strong skill set in areas we want Grace to remain challenged.  We feel extremely blessed.

When we had the open house last week she won over the kids' hearts

with these adorable candy welcomes on their very first desk.

As we walked around the room, I remembered a conversation from last year that made me grin.  We'd gone to the zoo with some great friends the week before school started. 

Austin asked Grace, "What grade you going to be in?"
"Kindergarten," she responded.
"Oh, I'm going to be a first grader."
"What's a 'grader'?", Grace wanted to know.
"Basically it's a kid with a locker."

I laughed at the innocense of children who measure transitions not by new academic markers but new stuff.  So, here you are Grace. Your first locker (last year was open cubbies).

Welcome to being a "grader." 

Continue to love God most, be nice to everyone, always try your best, and know that we are proud of you!

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  1. Precious prayer. Nice to meet you through the MODsquad.


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