Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hyndrangeas & the Family Table

They sit atop my dining room table, large and commanding.  As I work to load the dishwasher, my eye is stolen by their beauty.

These hydrangeas, cut from my mom’s garden, seem to force a smile from my lips as they steal me from my work.

I love this seasonal dining room décor.

You’ll recall my desire to be a better gardener because I sense God’s presence there.  The brief update would be an epic flop on my end with the gold star going to my hubby who continues to nurture our flowers to mature beauty that I’ve fully enjoyed. 

Better luck next year, I tell myself.

In the meantime, our garden grows gorgeous and my mom’s backyard simply takes my breath away.  If Better Homes and Gardens knew her address, they’d be upset about what they were missing.  It’s spectacular.

When she offered the hydrangeas, I couldn’t turn them down.  After all, I loved them.  And, who doesn’t enjoy free center pieces?

But I sensed God telling me there was more to this infatuation.

Weird, I know, why would God care to teach me anything in dining room decorating?

Still, the computer beckoned me and I gaped at my discovery.

My mind goes back to our family table.  A red table cloth and fun new dishes accent simple pieces of wood making ordinary space sacred. 

Sometimes the meals are fanciful and other times they are as basic as humanly possible

But a visual reminder to the children that they are loved.

We fight for this family table. 

Every Sunday when the kids have fallen asleep my husband and I look over the week’s calendar.  We discuss when he has work meetings, my bible study, the kids’ activities, volunteer commitments, and social gatherings.  And using that information, we plan meals that will accommodate our schedule – slow cooker when the night is shorter so precious family time doesn’t have to be spent preparing, grilling on opportune days, etc. – so that we can sit around this table together each night.

Family table is important.  To our kids it screams family solidarity.  To my hubby and I, it affords time to share heartfelt emotions.  We laugh.  We talk about things that went well and things we wish would have gone differently.  We share dreams and encourage one another.

We cherish this time.

And, as I close the computer, I realize that there is so much to these hydrangeas than simple beauty.  They stand for all this dining room table represents.

It is a space where we come together to understand each other’s hearts and build each other up in the Lord.  In the process, relationships are fortified and memories are made.

Thank you, God. There isn’t gratitude enough….

I will always fight for family table.  And hydrangeas just became one of my favorite flowers. J


  1. We are kindred spirits, Melissa. I just returned home from vacation last night, and within two hours I was out cutting fresh hydrangeas from the garden to put throughout the house...the kitchen table, bathroom counter, living room coffee table. They are my favorite flower, so we keep planting bushes everywhere. They are a symbol to me of home touched by God's beauty in a way only He can do. Now they'll mean even more after reading your post. Thanks!

  2. Happy InstaFriday! I'm your newest fan. :) Please check out my InstaFriday post if you have the chance.



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