Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's Dance {Photo Display}

Every year I get the girls' pictures taken and with Grace and Hannah so in love with dance right now

I knew that had to be our theme for this year's photo display.

Grace just completed her fourth year of dance and Hannah her first. 

And both of them would live at the dance studio if I let them.

At this point in her life, Grace says she is going to be a ballerina teacher and has plans to open her own studio where she tells Hannah she can teach the babes and pre-K and they will run their own dance store right from within the studio "so no one has to leave."

She's a planner :)

Anyway, I took the girls to my friend Michelle who owns a photography business called Photos by Michelle.  As a mom, Michelle knows the joy found in quality pictures at a price that won't break the bank so she uses her talent to make that possible for others.  Seriously, friends, $50 for the sitting fee (more for senior pictures and weddings) and then she doesn't copyright the pictures so you can take the disc (included in the sitting fee price) to get your pictures processed wherever and however you choose.  In less than an hour she followed my girls doing their own natural thing and we had 160 pictures of sheer cuteness.

And she captures their personality so well!

Grace is sensative and quiet

Hannah is spunky and a little on the mischievous side

They both demonstrated their sweet, loving side when it came to calming Ava

Who did this most of the time.

Despite that, Michelle captured these moments

in the tube top, tutu, and diaper cover that my uber talented mother made for her. {Thanks, mom!}

Thankfully, my goal for the three of them wasn't three smiling girls in an adorable pose (because that wouldn't have happened).  Rather, I'd seen a photo of a little girl's leg warmers and dance shoes that made me smile and I thought having one with Grace and Hannah in different types of dance shoes with Ava's chubby feet in the center would kill me with cuteness overload.

It did.

Their leg warmers, by the way, are hand made by Love Bug Baby Boutique.  You should check out all her fun hair pieces and accessories.  They are a dream for every mama to a girly-girl! :)

And the photo display wall when I put the pictures together?


More will go in Grace and Hannah's bathroom later.  The one of both of them and the ballet slippers scream "FRAME ME!"


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls with us! Absolutely delightful!!

  2. Beautiful pics! Love them! I am your newest follower! :)


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