Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Believe I Can Fly

It all started at the grocery store.  I was at the meat counter for prosciutto when I turned around to this.

Hannah planking on the mini-cart handle bars.

Not sure if I should be impressed by her balance or horrified about what was happening, I did what every quality mother does. I told her to get down.  I grabbed my phone and took a picture.

Earlier my husband held her up in the pool like this and apparently she wanted to see if she could do it on the cart.  Never mind the fact that the wheels could slip and she could take a horrible fall on to the grocery store floor.  The potential for cuts and broken bones wouldn't stop her.

Because it would be cool if she did it.

A few days later our family would go to the pool. While there, our six year old Grace asked if she could jump off the high dive.  Since she'd never gone off any diving board, I thought we should start with a little practice jumping in the deep end and then attempt the low board.  She did.  Successfully.  And, of course, she politely asked once more to jump from the high dive.  Realizing that saying no was more about my fear than her safety, we let her and made a video as she soared from above

And swam with confidence to the side.

Afterwards Hannah said, "I was scared of you falling."

Grace, still pumped about her accomplishment, replied, "It was like I was flying."

I smiled and God stirred my heart.

I don't want to balance on the handle of a store cart.  I'm certain gravity would not work in my favor. :)  And, I can still rock the high dive.  But I do want to write another book.  And even though God has prompted me, I've timidly approached the call.  I use Ava's irradic sleep schedule as a hiding place from the fear of rejection.  It becomes my safety net so that the perfectionist in me doesn't belly flop.

So I type in the quiets of the night, sharing that I'm doing so with few.

Can you relate? Is there anything you think would be cool to do but are afraid to take the jump?

Later I would sit down for prayer and Bible Study to these words

My Instagram of YouVersion (source copyright 2008-2011 LifeChurch.tv)

{2 Corinthians 12:9. So like God to smack me with a good dose of what I need to hear}

And I realize that my fear and pain is not a hurdle but a springboard to fully living out my faith.  Because I admit to my weakness, I ask Him to take up residence in my heart -fully aware that I cannot do it on my own - and He upholds me.  My whispered "yes," however faint it my be, makes me powerful because I'm operating in the will of my Creator.

So today I choose to jump because man it would be cool if it works out and the grace of God will never allow me to sink.  He's got a purpose regardless.

I'm gonna fly friends.  Who's with me?

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  1. Love this post! Thanks for the encouragement and the challenge. :) Um, and I think your fearless daughters sound like pretty awesome girls. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls, beautiful message! I came across that verse through She Reads Truth and it has been stirring in my heart ever since. I loved reading your thoughts on this verse!

  3. Haha! Love the first pic! That's one talented girl! Love the message too :-)


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