Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eyes on the Light

My family just returned from a trip to North Dakota where we were blessed to be Godparents in our nephew Henry's baptismal service.  Family gathered together to celebrate the claiming of God’s own and celebrate the gift of a life in Christ.

During the service I was struck by Henry’s focus on the Christ candle.  Now, I know that babies like bright lights.  You need not remind me.  But, there were plenty of distractions.  Water was washed over the head of a baby who likes his head dry. No crying. My Ava was doing her fair share of fussing from the pews. No looking. 
He was focused on the light.

This candle, presented as a gift to remind Henry who He belongs to, was all he wanted to look at.
Ironically, as I was making my promises to help encourage the child in his faith, he was teaching me.

You see, I get easily distracted.  I KNOW I belong to Christ and I KNOW that if I keep my focus on Him at all times my outlook on life will always be better.  But fear gets in the way and I let emotions set me in a tailspin.  Crossroads, or even opportunities for that matter, come and instead of bowing before my Lord I start to forge ahead with my own plan.  Self talk gets in the way of my listening. Comparisons with others hinder contentment. Grocery lists and laundry get in the way of Bible time.  And the distractions don't lead to a fulfilling existence.

Yet I have the opportunity to always feel a peace about my life and priorities (whatever the circumstance) if I stay in constant communication with the One who has claimed me, made promises for my life, and has a plan specifically for me.

Prayer is my lifeline.

This doesn’t mean bended knees at all times.  Rather, it means unceasing talk with God throughout my day about my feelings, what I am facing, and decisions I need to make.  It means turning my listening ears up, trusting His heart, and abiding in His will.

He who has gone before me has prepared a way for me always.

In all things...from the seemingly mundane to the most life transforming.
And through this ongoing chat with God confidence builds in unimaginable ways.  What I have claimed as head knowledge – that He is always with me – becomes heart knowledge because I’m able to live it when my eyes are on the Light.

Thanks, sweet baby child, for the precious reminder.  May we all live with sight like yours.
The night before we left I walked outside of the acreage we were privileged to stay in and God stopped me in my tracks (and s’mores were waiting so that is a BIG deal J)

With this breathtaking sunset.  The light shined so brightly between the colorful hues I couldn’t move.  This powerful, artistic God, the one that says “ask, seek, knock,” has my life in His hands.
I would be a fool to look elsewhere.

{PS- Pic number two is from my She Reads Truth journaling. If you want an awesome Scripture reading on prayer, the free 21 day study awaits you!}

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