Sunday, June 10, 2012


I don’t have a green thumb. Every time I walk into a green house I wish that I did. And, I’m trying to be better at it, but it takes constant care and unceasing awareness.

Recently the red lilies started to bloom. Awestruck by their beauty, I immediately ran out to take some pictures.

I love the lilies. They are without question my favorite flower decorating our landscape.

When I got married, I had one stargazer lily in the heart of my bouquet in remembrance of my amazing father. Years later when Charlie and I bought our home I happened upon an assortment of lily flowers in the Kmart parking lot for $3 each. Since I’m super cheap frugal, I bought one of every color available. And ten years later they all still bloom, bringing a smile to my lips.

Interestingly, I planted daisies nearby, another image of beauty and I love.

However, despite their loveliness it cannot be denied that they are, in fact, a weed.

And they spread. This year the daisies closed in on the lilies. They surrounded them. They grew over them. They squelched out perhaps the most arguably pretty flower in the garden.

I hemmed and hawed about it. I talked about how we needed to cut the daisies back. I did everything but go outside to cut them.

But I have an amazing husband. AMAZING husband.

One day while I was working on indoor chores he mowed the lawn. This is a task I do not do. I tried it once in middle school thinking it would double as a great tanning opportunity and my dad asked, “Who made the figure eights in the yard?” Ya. That sealed the deal. Mowing is not my gift and I’m good with that. :)

Anyhow, apparently he finished and started in on the garden. He pulled weeds and pruned back the bushes, flowers, and trees. Only I had no idea.

“Melissa, come here,” he excitedly yelled from the front door, “you have to see how this looks.”

Having absolutely no idea what he’d done, I went outside and looked, astonished by the striking sight. To be honest, I forgot how much beauty springs forth each summer…especially when it’s well pruned. There were more colors of lilies than I even recalled having. :)

I thanked Charlie for his amazing work – soaking it all in- and went back inside to finish laundry.

That night when I tried to go to sleep I couldn’t. My hubby’s great work was glued in my mind and wouldn’t let me rest.

Because it wasn’t just about flowers.

I couldn’t shake what happened in the garden because it was so true of my life. I let what “is” in my life naturally grow. It isn’t necessarily bad or wrong. The lilies spreading were what they were made to do. But they are prettier when they are shaped rather than growing wild. And, they free other beauty to grow when space for those gifts are crowded.

And the same is true of me.

God has been stirring my heart. Cut back the computer time, He says, to fully appreciate summer moments with your growing kids. Cut out the fright of the nearby swimming pool, He whispers, because you can handle it and the kids will have more fun than in the confines of a wading pool. Cut back the fear my writing wouldn’t get picked up in a different genre, He yells, and get to work (when those kiddos are asleep). Cut back some chaos, He wills, and replace it with daily She Reads Truth devo time and quiet Bible study.

And in the process I am reshaped. I’m made more beautiful. Stronger. I flourish in unimagined ways.

My husband continues to go out in the yard every day. I do too, but not nearly as diligent or aware as he. As he does I watch him, fully aware that this earthly scenario is in fact a picture of how God cares for me. He doesn’t hem and haw. He is fully present. Always. And, His pruning will help me thrive.

So I listen to the Master Gardener…and in the silence I know why I wish I had a green thumb.

God is there.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! Pruning has been very much on the hearts of the SheReadsTruth team this week. Sounds like we aren't alone! :)


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