Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flower girls & a Wedding Chalk Full of Fun & Faith

Literally.  Wait until you see the pictures.

Last weekend our girls were flower girls

For Alex and Kaylee Oppold’s wedding.  This is a couple near and dear to our hearts.  My husband was Alex’s confirmation mentor years ago.  We witnessed their relationship grow and loved watching them serve God together.  So, it came as no surprise when they got engaged and we were elated when they asked Grace and Hannah to be their flower girls.

They’ve never been flower girls before but they knew they were in for a great gig when this special delivery arrived the day of rehearsal.

Girly bling is their love language.

Apparently it’s Kaylee’s too.  She wore this before changing into her dress

And check out these amazing wedding shoes.

They said “I do” in sparkles on the bottom.  Talk about giving “something blue” a whole new element of fun!
To pass time between the shirt delivery and “practice,” the girls made this lovely couple a craft candy card to give them at the groom’s dinner.

It read, “Alex and Kaylee, you two are a “DUO” made in heaven.  Now your love, represented with a "DOVE,” soars to new levels in married life.  You will forever be each other’s “BIT O HONEY” and our excitement to be a part of your special day goes to the “MILKY WAY” and back.  Lean in on God and He will give you “CHUCKLES” tomorrow and a “GOOD AND PLENTY” memories to cherish.  May your life play out like a “SYMPHONY.”  We love you to “PIECES,” Grace and Hannah”

We made up the message while walking through the candy aisle at Lewis and it took the remainder of the afternoon to create so we were in luck.

When we got home that night Grace thanked God during prayers for making Alex and Kaylee husband and wife.  Apparently they really wanted the official moment to arrive because they were up at 6:45am on the wedding day ready for the big moment. J

Their colors were gorgeous

And they had so many fun wedding ideas

Like this hanger Kaylee hung her dress on celebrating her new title

This foyer invitation/seating instruction

The ring bearer’s sign

And these chalkboard hearts they made for pictures.

I heart it all J
Speaking of pictures, they totally made me want to redo my own.  How much fun is this?!

However, in the midst of all the celebration, this reverant moment left me speechless.  I went to catch a picture of the way the unity sand looked to make sure it had the bride's approval and I walked in on Alex.

I paused for a long moment, struck by the man in front of me.  I’ve known Alex since he was a small child and here he was grown up, choosing to come before his Lord, steeped in prayer.
I pray for a man like this for my girls.

I put my arm around him and asked if we could pray together.  He said "yes" and we prayed over their day and the future.  My heart flip flopped and I rushed out of the sanctuary because the tears started freely flowing and I didn't want to look like a puffer fish before the ceremony even began. 
There is power in standing on The Rock.  There is assurance in a covenant relationship where two choose to love each day. There is joy in sharing life with another.

I would get the same opportunity to pray with Kaylee and my girls before the ceremony, and, oh, what a ceremony it was.  Truly worshipful, God’s Word filled the sanctuary and the fun Alex and Kaylee were having was made visual by their smiles, quiet conversations, and laughs they shared throughout the service.  They glowed.   
The girls rocked their role from beginning to end

They especially loved dancing down the aisle to “This Will Be an Everlasting Love” after the Mr. and Mrs. were pronounced.
Interestingly, the first thing we saw when arriving at the reception was an ice sculpture with their initials and wedding date

But I saw it as more than just initials.  Alex and Kaylee, you will be A-OK as a couple because you don’t live for each other.  You live for Christ.  And, as you draw your life from Him you are more fully able to love one another as He intended.  This silent strength will unite you, helping you successfully work through tough times and make shared joys sweeter.  Together you will be a witness to the glory of a life rooted in Christ and a living example of how personal strengths multiply when they're shared with the perfect mate. 

I wake up every day thankful for my man.  Married life really is the best.

Thank you for including Grace and Hannah in your special day.

It is one we will never forget.


  1. adorable! love this - thank you for sharing

  2. Those shoes are rockin'! and those girls are absolute dolls! Thanks for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" We hope to see you again! -The Sisters


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