Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Boredom Buster Box

Summer is here and with all the fun list ideas to do with the kids flying around pinterest and potential to hear (insert whiney voice here) "I'm bored," I'm making an attempt at proactive spontaneous fun in a homemade summer boredom buster box.

Kids love surprises and the ideas I selected will make for easy, inexpensive, somewhat educational enjoyment.

If I did my math correctly we have 68 weekdays between this academic year ending and 2012/2013 year beginning.  So, I looked at some blogs and pins with home ideas and this is my list.  I didn't include the zoo, parks, library, etc because we will be doing a lot of that anyway. 

When I hear the two dreaded words, I'll let them draw one paper out of the boredom buster box.  Hopefully I won't have to use it often but if I do atleast I'll be prepared. I'm sharing my list with you incase you could use ideas as well.  We moms gotta stick together! :)

1.       Make bubbles
2.       Make play doh
3.  Make no bake reeces pieces cookies

4.       Write great nama M
5.       Write great nama D & D
6.       Write great nama H
7.       Write our world vision child
8.       Draw a picture for cousins J & H
12.   Write/draw a book
13.   Write a play to do for daddy when he gets home from work
16.   Alphabet scavenger hunt – one item for every letter
17.   Paint rocks to put by birdhouses
18.   Write 10 things they love about dad in sidewalk chalk to surprise him when he gets home
19.   Do a puppet show
20.   Make special K bars
21.   Paint nails
22.   Write last year’s teachers
23.   Tell stories in the dark
25.   Make puffy paint
26.   Make frozen yogurt bites (Spoon yogurt onto wax paper & freeze. This would be great to take along on zoo & park trips)
27.   Make milk jug ball tosses
29.   Play with sponge balls
30.   Scavenger hunt for numbers 1-10 (1 object for the number one, 2 of the same objects for number two, etc…)
31.   Make fruit popsicles
33.   Draw a word picture for each letter of the alphabet
34.   Make cookie dough balls (We've already made these & they are GOOD!)
36.   Sidewalk chalk numbers
37.   Lowercase/uppercase letter match
38.   Play freeze tag
39.   Make silly hats
41.   Go for a walk and point out the things we think are most pretty that God made
42.   Curl hair with the curling iron
43.   Play telephone
44.   Hula hoop
45.   Write the ABCs with licorice strings
46.   Pick an animal to research and then tell daddy about it when he gets home
48.   Make fruit loop pictures
49.   Play H-O-R-S-E (basketball)
50.   Play dance recital
52.   Make LEGO houses
53.   Play card games
54.   Put puzzles together
55.   Send Nama & Hampa N mail
56.   Send Nama & Hampa O mail
57.   Match the unmatched socks game: who can find the most matches?
58. Make monster Cookie Dough Dip
58. Play bat & ball  
60.   Kick the soccer ball
61.   Home swimming pool
62.   “Paint” the deck with water
63.   Make dried strawberries
64.   Make sidewalk chalk spray
65.   Prepare an Angry Birds pizza for supper
66.   Draw & mail dance pictures for Miss J & Miss A
67.   Read the entire storybook Bible
68.   Make fabric tie flip flops
A review of the food on this list isn't looking good for the waist line, but I'm calling it good since I'll be doing lots of walking around the zoo and to & from the park.  Besides, I'm preparing future homemakers.  :) 
What are some of your favorite things to do with the kids in the summer? 
Anything special on your "must try" list?


  1. What a great list of fun ideas to keep the kids busy this summer!

  2. Wow! That is quite a list! I'm not as nice as you. I'd be slipping some chores in there too just to make saying "I'm bored" something of a gamble and encourage them to come up with solutions on their own.

    1. Bwahaha! I never thought of that although, oddly, my girls like most chores with the exception of picking up and they have to do that before they can go on to the next they have to do it anyway :) I like where your mind is at though!

  3. This is a great list. Plan to share it with my daughter who has little ones. Thanks!

  4. What a list!
    I'm just going to bookmark it and then when I hear it I will pick a number from yours. :) hee hee

    You rock!

  5. Yay for fun summer ideas. Newest follower, hope you stop by and follow my blog.

    The Girl in the Wild West

  6. That is quite the list - it should solve the summer blues! We are so glad you came to another week of our fun "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Please join us again! -The Sisters


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