Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Can Do All Things

She came into my life when we were caboodle carrying, N’Sync lovin’ teens. 
Assigned roommates on a church trip, we shared sleeping quarters during a busy week of service work and youth events.

Time would pass before I would see her sitting between her parents at church. A good kid who that let her guard down, her belly was swollen with new life. Although I couldn’t fully grasp the enormity of her situation or how her life would soon change, I admired her for courageously attending services, and something inside said invite her to ice cream. One ice cream date turned into two, then three, then four… and a deep friendship formed.

I’ll never forget the phone call with her mom. “She had the baby this morning.” I rushed up to the hospital room to find my beautiful friend holding a God-planned life swaddled in pink. On her wall hung a poster of verses she’d made – the top one:

“I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

When she left the hospital as a teen mom, the statistical odds were stacked against her.

But she graduated on time with top marks. And, her desire to provide on her own would lead to a work/parenting balance most adults strive to attain even in their mature years.

Through the experience, I watched God begin an incredible work in her life. My friend’s faith would transition from something that was a part of her life to the very pulse of her being. Choices were made out of love for His will. Relationships were born with new perspective on Godly love.

Shortly after standing up for me while I said “I do” to my high school sweetheart, a man of God would enter her life. He would love not only her but her daughter and it was my honor to play a role in their special day as they formed a family.

Over the years, she added more princesses to their brood. Working from home, she would make their house a kind of sanctuary. You walk in and can feel the love she has for her husband. The four girls are God-fearing, confident, modest, and involved in activities. And, God’s Word is both displayed and felt as you visit.

A couple years back, however, He gave her a new dream. To be a nurse. Many with a house full would say, “no way.” But not her. She applied and was (of course) accepted. My husband and I celebrated her accomplishment with a medical meal. :)  Each item represented a system – chicken legs for the skeletal system, better than sex cake for the reproductive system…you get the idea.

It seems like just yesterday. But today we are celebrating her graduation and I could think of no better gift than this beautiful KraftyKash necklace. It is a personalized pendant necklace with your verse

Because H, you are a living example of this biblical promise. From the most difficult of moments to the happiest of times, you have laid your confidence in God and trusted that with Him you can do all things. And, to top it off, you’ve accomplished this all the while working, volunteering, giving of yourself to your family, and staying in tune with your friends. Most amazingly, you've never appeared frazzled. You get your energy from Him and a special peace and grace outflows from that.

What a witness you are to the world!

You're nursing school diploma is more than a piece of paper.  It represents defying odds, believing in yourself, and living life to the fullest.

I’m so thankful for the way God chose to weave our lives together because in addition to the simple joy of friendship and the gift of being Godparents to each other's children your perseverance has motivated me to chase my own dreams.

Today may we all take our cue from you.

No mountain is ever too high to climb.
With a God-given dream, all things ARE possible.

YOU are living proof. Love you, friend!
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  1. That was beautiful Melissa. I'm crying. Thanks for posting and sharing. You are so right and I'm glad she has you to remind her of all she is. Thanks!

  2. Melissa, thanks for honoring Heather with your writing!! You have been an important part of her journey and always will be.


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